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Only Sellers

( As on Jan 17, 2018 3:59PM )

You can view the stocks which are listed in last three years where there are only sellers present but no buyers for the shares.
Company NameIndustryOffer Qty.(Nos.)Last Price ( ₹ )Change ( ₹ )Change(%)
Mohit Industries Textiles - Process...13541.90-3.60-7.91
TV Vision Entertainment/Mult...156527.55-1.45-5.00
The Grob Tea Company Plantations - Tea ...3002377.40-125.10-5.00
WelspunInvestments Finance & Investments164267.60-14.05-4.99
Optiemus Infracom Telecommunications...400252.55-13.25-4.98
Hexa Tradex Ltd. Trading50074.65-3.90-4.96
KSK Energy Ventures Power - Generation...16392717.30-0.90-4.95
Naga Dhunseri Group Finance & Investments11392053.60-106.40-4.93
Jaypee Infratech Ltd Construction & Con...12998217.40-0.90-4.92
MCX Exchanges793851.90-44.05-4.92
3i Infotech Computers - Software1889917.75-0.40-4.91
GVK Power & Infrastr Power - Generation...11504324.25-1.25-4.90
Thomas Scott (India) Textiles - Readyma...19719.40-1.00-4.90
Jai Balaji Industrie Steel - Sponge Iron40018.60-0.95-4.86
Aban Offshore Oil Drilling And E...15476246.00-12.55-4.85
Prakash Constrowell Construction & Con...542218.85-0.45-4.84
Tijaria Polypipes Lt Plastics - Pipes/T...5926714.80-0.75-4.82
SAB Events & Governa Entertainment/Mult...491219.80-1.00-4.81
Magnum Ventures Ltd. Paper & Paper Prod...855317.05-0.85-4.75
Spentex Indust. Textiles - Spinnin...200009.05-0.45-4.74
Euro Ceramics Ltd. Ceramics/Tiles/San...24028.10-0.40-4.71
ICSA-India Ltd. Computers - Software252706.20-0.30-4.62
PVP Ventures Ltd. Construction & Con...35579.35-0.45-4.59
Alok Industries Ltd. Textiles - Weaving49994.20-0.20-4.55
Bhandari Hosiery Textiles - Hosiery...25814.25-0.20-4.49
Cerebra Integrat Computers - Hardware7943859.50-2.80-4.49
Pochiraju Industries Floriculture52837.50-0.35-4.46
Kaushalya Infrastruc Construction & Con...26864.40-0.20-4.35
Electrosteel Steels Steel13458355.55-0.25-4.31
Linc Pen & Plast Miscellaneous139443.35-19.95-4.31
Pradip Overseas Textiles - General250004.45-0.20-4.30
Windsor Machines Engineering - Heavy21128.25-5.60-4.18
Mukand Engineers Project Consultanc...14053.95-2.25-4.00
Uttam Sugar Mills Sugar158136.30-5.50-3.88
Neulands Global Ind Domestic Appliance...250001.25-0.05-3.85
JBF Industries Textiles - Manmade...214209.35-8.30-3.81
Pearl Polymers Plastics - Plastic...48142.55-1.65-3.73
W S Industries Electric Equipment...5507.85-0.30-3.68
Hatsun Agro Prod Food Processing - ...2283843.25-32.00-3.66
LCC Infotech Ltd Computers - Software445521.35-0.05-3.57
Shivam Autotech Ltd. Auto Ancl - Others431389.85-3.25-3.49
Shree Rama Newsprint Paper & Paper Prod...183734.95-1.25-3.45
Nitesh Estates Construction & Con...65418.20-0.65-3.45
Guj. NRE Coke Mining/Minerals10355291.40-0.05-3.45
Bannari Amman Su Sugar42180.30-76.50-3.39
Zee Entertainment En Entertainment/Mult...290593.10-20.30-3.31
Value Industries Ltd Domestic Appliance...20009.10-0.30-3.19
JMC Projects Construction & Con...52621.95-20.10-3.13
Nagarjuna Oil Refine Oil Drilling And E...208014.65-0.15-3.12
Premier Polyfilm Plastics - Sheets/...113641.90-1.30-3.01
Emami Ltd. Personal Care13911236.65-37.45-2.94
Pincon Spirit Beverages & Distil...1638.75-1.15-2.88
Gujarat Gas LPG Bottling/Distr...100881.25-25.90-2.86
Regency Ceramics Ceramics/Tiles/San...19808.65-0.25-2.81
Tara Jewels Ltd. Diamond Cutting/Pr...305219.10-0.55-2.80
Poddar Housing Construction & Con...691237.05-34.00-2.67
Uniphos Enterprises Trading5091.05-2.50-2.67
Filatex India Textiles - Manmade...259228.20-6.10-2.60
Jai Corp Ltd. Steel - GP/GC Sheets465195.90-5.05-2.51
Somi Conveyor Beltin Miscellaneous4573.75-1.90-2.51
Manaksia Ltd. Packaging - Metali...45572.15-1.80-2.43
Zenith Exports L Textiles - Synthet...27256.30-1.40-2.43
Opto Circuits India Medical Equipment ...5010.15-0.25-2.40
Hilton Metal Forging Forgings231442.80-1.05-2.39
Caplin Point Lab Pharmaceuticals332636.15-15.60-2.39
Mangalam Cement Cement75442.70-10.45-2.31
DIC India Printing/Publishin...82584.65-13.45-2.25
SPIC Fertilisers753744.40-1.00-2.20
Vascon Engineers Ltd Construction & Con...2196746.85-1.05-2.19
LG Balakrishnan&Bros Auto Ancl - Others1771067.10-23.90-2.19
Dolphin Offshore Ent Oil Drilling And E...2764134.70-3.00-2.18
Eimco Elecon Ind Engineering - Heavy14543.00-12.05-2.17
Dynacons Systems Computers - Software17449.80-1.10-2.16
Atul Ltd. Dyes & Pigments72924.15-64.55-2.16
8K Miles Software Computers - Software439815.40-17.90-2.15
Anant Raj Ltd. Construction & Con...328675.85-1.65-2.13
Advanced Enzyme Tech Seeds/Tissue Cultu...818298.75-6.45-2.11
Supreme Petroche Petrochem - Polymers687381.85-8.10-2.08
Murudeshwar Cer. Ceramics/Tiles/San...23949.65-1.05-2.07
Hinduja Ventures Computers - Software37764.50-16.05-2.06
Phillips Carbon Carbon Black21071313.20-27.50-2.05
D P Abhushan Diamond Cutting/Pr...400075.20-1.55-2.02
Sun TV Network Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...4891058.15-21.00-1.95
Shree Rama Multi Packaging - Metali...410015.35-0.30-1.92
Jyothy Laboratories Personal Care1732362.45-6.90-1.87
Cineline India Entertainment/Mult...140102.60-1.95-1.87
Crest Ventures Finance - Housing699248.10-4.50-1.78
Suryalakshmi Cot Textiles - Spinnin...273100.45-1.80-1.76
GTPL Hathway Entertainment/Mult...150172.05-3.05-1.74
Kopran Ltd Pharmaceuticals1038177.75-1.35-1.71
Cybertech System Computers - Software37486.40-1.50-1.71
Accord Synergy Telecommunications...200058.00-1.00-1.69
Rane Holdings Ltd. Finance & Investments5552381.50-40.80-1.68
Chromatic India Dyes & Pigments250002.95-0.05-1.67
Avenue Supermarts Retail - Departmen...39551167.35-19.65-1.66
Info Edge (India) Miscellaneous3931381.55-23.20-1.65
Nagreeka Capital & I Finance & Investments23351.20-0.85-1.63
Godfrey Philips Cigarettes8997.95-16.45-1.62
Dixon Technologies Domestic Appliance...8733644.00-59.65-1.61
Rashtriya Chemicals Fertilisers36409104.95-1.70-1.59
KM Sugar Mills Sugar31518.70-0.30-1.58
KRBL Ltd. Commodities - Trad...29615.95-9.85-1.57
Alphageo (India) Oil Drilling And E...43926.80-14.65-1.56
Lasa Supergenerics Chemicals - Specia...50177.60-2.75-1.52
Kansai Nerolac Paint Paints/Varnishes25542.90-8.40-1.52
Banco Products Auto Ancl - Engine...18249.65-3.80-1.50
WABCO India Auto Ancl - Susp. ...17337.55-111.50-1.50
Compuage Infocom Ltd Computers - Access...6454.70-0.80-1.44
LT Foods Ltd. Commodities - Trad...2538595.80-1.40-1.44
CCL Products India Plantations - Tea ...454293.95-4.25-1.43
Banaras Beads Li Miscellaneous40079.60-1.15-1.42
Chennai Petro. Refineries812446.65-6.45-1.42
Hind. Composites Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...50517.65-7.40-1.41
TPL Plastech Ltd. Plastics - Plastic...99671.70-9.60-1.41
L&T Technology Serv Engineering - General2997.40-14.25-1.41
Mindteck (India) Computers - Software30480.90-1.15-1.40
FDC Ltd. Pharmaceuticals221236.30-3.35-1.40
Ambika Cotton Mi Textiles - Spinnin...541584.35-21.95-1.37
Gulf Oil Lubricants Lubricants16882.35-12.20-1.36
Shilpa Medicare L Pharmaceuticals1585.95-8.10-1.36
Control Print Ltd. Trading1520.90-7.15-1.35
Ajooni Biotech Ltd. Livestock - Hatche...400051.40-0.70-1.34
Autoline Industries Auto Ancl - Engine...4000102.90-1.40-1.34
AstraZeneca Pharma I Pharmaceuticals1341152.75-15.40-1.32
Surya Roshni Ltd Steel - Tubes/Pipes197436.05-5.70-1.29
Jagran Prakashan Printing/Publishin...174178.40-2.30-1.27
Videocon Industries Consumer Goods - E...1617123.50-0.30-1.26
IIFL Holdings Finance & Investments170701.15-8.90-1.25
Orbit Exports Li Textiles - Weaving500162.80-2.05-1.24
Cantabil Retail Indi Textiles - Readyma...58121.20-1.50-1.22
Reliance Home Fin Finance - Housing1255885.60-1.05-1.21
Maan Aluminium Ltd. Aluminium5166.60-2.00-1.19
Revathi Equipment Lt Compressors1731.15-8.25-1.12
Trent Ltd. Retail - Apparel/A...995337.10-3.70-1.09
Mayur Uniquoters Plastics - Plastic...90527.85-5.75-1.08
Symphony Domestic Appliance...511983.20-21.50-1.07
Supreme Infrastructu Construction & Con...50127.65-1.35-1.05
Peninsula Land L Construction & Con...13137.85-0.40-1.05
Oriental Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...19653.30-0.55-1.02
Capital Trust Lt Finance & Investments6500.70-5.10-1.01
Balkrishna Ind. Tyres & Tubes4091143.30-11.35-0.98
Apar Industries Electric Equipment...10821.75-8.15-0.98
Gati Ltd. Couriers20638147.55-1.45-0.97
Power Mech Projects Project Consultanc...160870.20-8.50-0.97
M M Forgings Ltd. Forgings101140.90-10.85-0.94
VST Industries Cigarettes103140.00-29.50-0.93
Navin Fluorine Inter Chemicals - Others139813.85-7.60-0.93
Magma Fincorp Ltd. Finance & Investments80173.40-1.60-0.91
Albert David Ltd Pharmaceuticals1577434.25-4.00-0.91
Alkem Laboratories Pharmaceuticals422255.75-20.75-0.91
Petron Engineeri Engineering - General10138.55-1.25-0.89
Aditya Birla Fashion Retail - Apparel1107167.70-1.50-0.89
Paramount Commun Cables - Telephone695216.80-0.15-0.88
Lakshmi Machines Engineering - Heavy526233.90-54.45-0.87
Shriram City Uni Finance & Investments102050.90-17.55-0.85
Saksoft Ltd. Computers - Software255238.45-2.00-0.83
Sreeleathers Ltd. Leather/Synthetic ...983268.55-2.25-0.83
Aarti Drugs Ltd Pharmaceuticals995740.30-6.20-0.83
Bharat Rasayan Pesticides/Agro Ch...104521.55-37.15-0.81
Nagarjuna Fertilizer Fertilisers40924.55-0.20-0.81
Exide Inds. Auto Ancl - Batteries2086226.50-1.80-0.79
Mahindra Holidays Hotels, Resorts & ...61374.55-2.95-0.78
D B Realty Ltd. Construction & Con...1071.50-0.55-0.76
Bharat Road Network Construction & Con...3188.60-1.45-0.76
ITI Telecommunications...37131.25-1.00-0.76
Nucleus Software Computers - Software417489.50-3.70-0.75
Music Broadcast Entertainment/Mult...178412.00-3.10-0.75
Atul Auto Ltd Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers6324455.25-3.40-0.74
V2 Retail Retail - Apparel/A...16468.25-3.35-0.71
Shree Cement Cement8718975.00-129.25-0.68
Linde India Industrial Gas20552.50-3.75-0.67
Lumax Auto Technolog Auto Ancl - Others3789.85-5.25-0.66
Summit Securities Finance & Investments11198.15-7.90-0.66
Max Financial Servic Finance & Investments541555.70-3.65-0.65
PI Industries Pesticides/Agro Ch...661987.50-6.45-0.65
Indraprastha Gas Ltd Industrial Gas222314.75-2.05-0.65
Kotak Mahindra Bank Finance - Banks - ...1961027.10-6.15-0.60
Repro India Ltd. Printing/Publishin...18747.50-4.30-0.57
EID Parry Sugar5364.55-2.00-0.55
PNB Gilts Ltd. Finance & Investments47046.65-0.25-0.53
Saregama India Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...38809.80-4.20-0.52
BSE Exchanges318934.85-4.80-0.51
HDFC Bank Finance - Banks - ...271890.50-9.65-0.51
Rajesh Exports L Diamond Cutting/Pr...1531848.00-4.15-0.49
Gillette India Ltd. Personal Care126650.75-32.25-0.48
Arvind Ltd. Textiles - Denim411458.00-2.15-0.47
Mohota Industries L Textiles - Composi...34395.70-1.85-0.47
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd Pesticides/Agro Ch...85774.85-3.60-0.46
Centum Electronics L Electronics - Equi...75711.15-3.30-0.46
Salora Intl. Consumer Goods - E...60654.75-0.25-0.45
Ahluwalia Contra Construction & Con...26385.10-1.75-0.45
Max India Finance & Investments4071121.20-0.55-0.45
Fertilisers & Ch Fertilisers156.90-0.25-0.44
ARSS Infrastructure Construction & Con...60657.25-0.25-0.43
Pidilite Inds. Chemicals - Specia...486896.50-3.75-0.42
Kesar Terminals & In Infrastructure - G...2192.55-0.80-0.41
Nalwa Sons Investmen Finance & Investments711395.55-5.65-0.40
NoidaTollBridge Infrastructure - G...1074012.65-0.05-0.39
BKM Industries Packaging - Metali...5039.00-0.15-0.38
Jyoti Structures Power - Transmissi...4504613.25-0.05-0.38
Sanghvi Forging & En Forgings3841.15-0.15-0.36
Just Dial Services - Others5719635.45-2.25-0.35
Ratnamani Metals Steel - Tubes/Pipes4711059.95-3.65-0.34
Monsanto India Pesticides/Agro Ch...72569.75-8.55-0.33
Rane Engine Valve Lt Auto Ancl - Engine...201617.05-1.95-0.32
Kanoria Chemical Chemicals - Inorga...599100.85-0.30-0.30
Voltamp Transformers Power - Transmissi...101151.75-3.40-0.29
Dalmia Bharat Sugar Sugar50130.05-0.35-0.27
Solar Industries Ind Industrial Explosives21154.60-3.05-0.26
DCB Bank Finance - Banks - ...9391193.35-0.50-0.26
Ambuja Cements Ltd. Cement10328277.15-0.70-0.25
PNB Housing Finance Finance - Housing2271279.10-3.05-0.24
Asian Granito India Ceramics/Tiles/San...7163587.95-1.35-0.23
Jayant Agro Org Chemicals - Specia...900425.25-0.90-0.21
Majesco L Computers - Software27513.55-1.05-0.20
Bliss GVS Pharma Pharmaceuticals4583200.35-0.40-0.20
Allied Digital Servi Computers - Software20025.25-0.05-0.20
Sonata Software Computers - Software1347302.70-0.55-0.18
Mahi. & Mahi Auto - Cars & Jeeps1413745.35-1.35-0.18
Airan Ltd. IT Enabled Services1000244.50-0.40-0.16
Himatsingka Seid Textiles - Synthet...681401.40-0.60-0.15
KPIT Technologies Computers - Software602201.35-0.30-0.15
Alpa Laboratories Lt Pharmaceuticals71247.00-0.05-0.11
Kothari Products Pan Masala/Tobacco...10213.10-0.20-0.09
L&T Finance Holdings Finance & Investments2653173.65-0.15-0.09
Ashapura Intimates F Textiles - Readyma...156447.85-0.35-0.08
India Motor Part Trading271308.65-1.00-0.08
Shreyans Inds. Paper & Paper Prod...9211.25-0.10-0.05
CESC Ltd. Power - Generation...29501137.00-0.45-0.04
Greenply Industr Decoratives - Wood...194379.75-0.15-0.04
Blue Dart Expres Couriers44735.80-1.85-0.04
Orient Press Ltd Printing/Publishin...300199.45-0.05-0.03
UltraTech Cement Cement784544.25-0.85-0.02
Automotive Stampings Auto Ancl - Others30103.150.000.00
Ruchi Soya Inds. Edible Oils & Solv...8918.650.000.00
Tilaknagar Industrie Beverages & Distil...59219.900.000.00
Texmo Pipes & Produc Plastics - Pipes/T...5127.050.000.00
Zylog Systems Computers - Software94.100.000.00
Bharatiya Global Inf Computers - Software550006.500.000.00
Uttam Value Steels Steel - CR/HR Strips15323180.350.000.00
Bhartiya Interna Leather/Synthetic ...147503.950.000.00
RattanIndia Infra Infrastructure - G...43747.200.000.00
Mahindra Lifespace D Construction & Con...3025526.100.050.01
Carborundum Uni. Abrasives And Grin...2002399.800.050.01
Aspinwall and Co Plantations - Tea ...19516.850.100.02
DFM Foods Limi Food Processing - ...2901803.950.500.03
Mahamaya Steel Indus Steel - CR/HR Strips864102.800.050.05
MarathonNextgenRea Construction & Con...1608.500.300.05
Adhunik Industries Steel50092.200.050.05
AdlabsEntertainment Entertainment/Mult...29966.050.050.08
Gabriel India Auto Ancl - Shock ...89191.750.200.10
Oracle Financial Ser Computers - Software14096.205.150.13
TVS Srichakra Lt Tyres & Tubes113613.654.550.13
KSB Pumps Pumps49891.501.150.13
HOV Services Ltd. IT Enabled Services99324.150.450.14
Salasar Techno Engin Engineering - General301312.800.550.18
MRF Ltd Tyres & Tubes170420.80136.250.19
SMS Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals1797102.450.200.20
Vipul Ltd. Construction & Con...26874.150.150.20
PTC India Power - Generation...405116.650.250.21
Mas Financial Servic Finance & Investments773624.651.350.22
Torrent Pharmac Pharmaceuticals881404.653.850.27
Ganesha Ecosphere Textiles - Process...856462.001.450.31
Nesco Ltd. Diversified659629.252.000.32
GNA Axles Auto Ancl - Engine...534452.801.450.32
RPP Infra Projects L Construction & Con...590309.001.000.32
Crisil Services - Others41963.657.000.36
Castrol India Lubricants7140189.950.700.37
Royal Orchid Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...711186.400.700.38
TCI Ltd. Transport - Road16284.251.100.39
Gravita India Ltd. Metals - Non Ferro...1120180.700.700.39
TV18 Broadcast Entertainment/Mult...3562162.700.250.40
Technofab Engineerin Project Consultanc...500247.551.000.41
Oil India Ltd. Oil Drilling And E...148380.201.600.42
Bata India Leather/Synthetic ...2511730.703.100.43
Thiru Arooran Sugar80056.850.250.44
Arrow Textiles Ltd. Textiles - General745.100.200.45
Jocil Ltd. Chemicals - Organi...130191.050.850.45
AIA Engineering Castings/Foundry211582.157.100.45
Tamilnadu Petroprod Detergents31566.650.300.45
Bombay Dyeing Textiles - Process...32868267.351.250.47
Kridhan Infra Infrastructure - G...2512126.850.600.48
Sundaram Clayton Auto Ancl - Susp. ...305021.0024.750.50
Zensar Technologies Computers - Software28895.904.450.50
MIC Electronics Ltd. Electronics - Equi...49.450.050.53
Indbank Merchant Finance & Investments259328.050.150.54
Mold-Tek Technologi. Packaging - Metali...300074.400.400.54
Garware-Wall Rop Textiles - General1021027.005.600.55
Zen Technologies Ltd Computers - Software5049136.000.750.55
Infibeam Incorp E-Commerce - Elect...2750144.950.800.55
Ramco Industries Cement Products7453310.801.750.57
NTPC Power - Generation...1383174.251.000.58
Ajanta Pharma Lt Pharmaceuticals2681530.709.200.60
Kabra Extrusion Engineering - Heavy19132.350.800.61
Maithan Alloys Ltd. Ferro Alloys373954.355.800.61
Uflex Ltd. Packaging - Metali...4476.552.950.62
SBI Life Insurance Finance - Life Ins...186705.254.400.63
Pritish Nandy Comm. Entertainment/Mult...50023.750.150.64
Va Tech Wabag Ltd. Engineering - General836622.604.000.65
Standard Chartered P Finance - Banks - ...48069.750.450.65
Suzlon Energy Ltd. Engineering - Heavy14899015.350.100.66
TTK Healthcare Ltd. Pharmaceuticals20836.305.450.66
Essel Propack Ltd. Packaging - Metali...221296.401.950.66
HDFC Finance - Housing28891858.3512.400.67
Lux Industries Textiles - Readyma...501519.7010.150.67
Idea Cellular Ltd. Telecommunications...237103.500.700.68
Sadbhav Engineering Construction & Con...159416.352.850.69
Merck Ltd. Pharmaceuticals5211534.5510.800.71
City Union Bank Finance - Banks - ...2320175.951.350.77
Hester Biosciences L Pharmaceuticals171635.4012.800.79
Apollo Tyres Tyres & Tubes2358273.852.150.79
LIC Housing Fi Finance - Housing174558.104.400.79
Ceat Ltd. Tyres & Tubes3571920.6515.250.80
Future Retail L Retail - Departmen...47541.104.350.81
Techno Electric & En Engineering - Heavy297397.653.200.81
PG Electroplast Ltd. Electronics - Equi...499403.003.250.81
JK Cement Cement11148.759.400.83
Voltas Ltd. Diversified976628.255.200.83
Infinite Computer So Computers - Software39355.902.950.84
NLC India L Power - Generation...1632107.000.900.85
Rane (Madras) Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...95711.456.050.86
Deepak Nitrite Chemicals - Inorga...818286.452.500.88
Dishman Carbogen Amc Pharmaceuticals14364.853.200.88
Arihant Foundat Construction & Con...42657.000.500.88
HUDCO Finance - Term Len...1226783.900.750.90
Au Small Finance Ban Finance & Investments5112709.056.350.90
Bharat Heavy Ele Engineering - Heavy165699.900.900.91
National Alumini Aluminium1233080.200.750.94
Kitex Garments Textiles - Readyma...54304.452.850.94
M&M Fin.Services Finance & Investments109485.304.550.95
Cadila Healthcar Pharmaceuticals1041440.254.150.95
Future Consumer Miscellaneous574868.950.650.95
Rural Electrific Finance - Term Len...3145155.451.500.97
Accel Frontline Computers - Software3067.000.650.98
Guj. Fluorochemi Chemicals - Organi...91892.259.051.02
TVS Motor Co. Ltd. Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers1113730.007.451.03
Vimta Labs Ltd. Miscellaneous163176.351.801.03
E-Land Apparel Textiles - Weaving23619.550.201.03
Sanghvi Movers L Engineering - Heavy1013175.401.801.04
Sun Pharma. Pharmaceuticals160583.756.051.05
Williamson Magor Finance & Investments100143.051.501.06
Kaveri Seed Company Seeds/Tissue Cultu...350519.855.601.09
Alchemist Diversified50013.900.151.09
Gateway Distriparks Miscellaneous439244.402.651.10
Sangam India Ltd Textiles - Spinnin...17189.002.051.10
South Indian Ban Finance - Banks - ...845432.200.351.10
Mahindra Logistics L Logistics - Wareho...128508.355.601.11
Dewan Housing Finance - Housing2748608.956.901.15
Ujjivan Financial Finance & Investments725402.154.601.16
Almondz Global Secur Finance & Investments8230.450.351.16
India Cements Lt Cement2750197.702.301.18
Eicher Motors Auto - LCVs/HCVs11828222.85331.651.19
Precision Camshafts Auto Ancl - Others240129.151.551.21
DCM Shriram Diversified295566.906.901.23
Man Infraconstructio Construction & Con...6369.350.851.24
Manappuram Finance Finance & Investments8416119.501.501.27
Ester India Packaging - Metali...78666.500.851.29
National Fertilizers Fertilisers1339572.400.951.33
Lloyds Steels Ind. Steel229203.800.051.33
Birla Corporation Lt Cement3011199.6515.851.34
Technocraft Industri Steel602583.957.851.36
Astral Poly Technik Plastics - Pipes/T...55841.3511.351.37
JSW Steel Steel1910285.053.851.37
Bang Overseas Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...10040.350.551.38
Reliance Infrastruct Power - Generation...7067543.957.451.39
Lupin Ltd. Pharmaceuticals235919.3512.601.39
Indoco Remedies Pharmaceuticals84277.903.851.40
Shankara Building Pr Trading14981775.8024.651.41
INEOS Styrolution Petrochem - Polymers1411103.9015.351.41
3M India Ltd. Diversified1618008.40252.151.42
Vedanta Mining/Minerals17533334.904.751.44
Tube Investments Finance & Investments404283.404.051.45
International Paper Paper & Paper Prod...49380.855.501.47
Raymond Ltd Textiles - Woollen...4751108.9016.051.47
Indiabulls Ventures Finance & Investments1172263.953.851.48
Britannia Ind. Food Processing - ...1614749.8072.451.55
Rallis India Pesticides/Agro Ch...10195275.854.251.56
Gokul Refoils & Solv Edible Oils & Solv...13821.800.351.63
Bharat Electroni Electronics - Equi...1461176.052.851.65
Entertainment Networ Entertainment/Mult...46792.7012.951.66
Eros International M Entertainment/Mult...253233.553.851.68
Gufic BioSciences Lt Pharmaceuticals318126.852.101.68
A2Z Infra Engineer Engineering - General19642.050.701.69
HDIL Construction & Con...7455864.951.101.72
Ashok Leyland Auto - LCVs/HCVs4394124.452.151.76
Engineers India Project Consultanc...4969187.703.251.76
Diligent Media Corp Entertainment/Mult...400011.400.201.79
ICICI Pru Life Finance - Life Ins...158419.657.401.80
NHPC Power - Generation...4051830.850.551.82
Alembic Pharmaceutic Pharmaceuticals27549.259.951.84
Arrow Greentech Plastics - Plastic...10510.209.301.86
The United Nilgiri Plantations - Tea ...1464.308.501.86
Den Networks Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...534133.452.451.87
IFCI Ltd. Finance - Term Len...1688631.850.601.92
Piramal Enterprises Pharmaceuticals3212853.1553.901.93
Chambal Fertilis Fertilisers8155.552.951.93
Jaiprakash Power Ven Power - Generation...83897.900.151.94
Gujarat Narmada Vall Fertilisers4316495.059.451.95
GSFC Fertilisers56158.603.101.99
Total Transport Sys Logistics - Wareho...300061.501.252.07
Kalyani Investment Finance & Investments142604.6554.202.13
Inox Leisure Entertainment/Mult...33282.256.002.17
NCC Construction & Con...21463129.752.802.21
Hind Rectifiers Electronics - Equi...613137.853.052.26
Healthcare Global En Hospitals & Medica...1288.656.402.27
Adani Ports & Speci Miscellaneous2700433.409.852.33
Thermax Engineering - General26131335.6031.252.40
Astec Lifesciences L Pesticides/Agro Ch...324601.9514.102.40
Hind. Petrol Refineries5338420.309.902.41
PVR Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...2731474.3036.102.51
Indo National Dry Cells5978.6024.302.55
Tasty Bite Food Processing - ...399469.40235.152.55
Federal-Mogul Goetze Auto Ancl - Engine...5577.8514.452.56
Take Solutions Ltd. Computers - Software858165.204.152.58
MOIL Ltd. Mining/Minerals274252.606.352.58
Tainwala Chem. Plastics - Sheets/...270126.403.202.60
Infosys Computers - Software103441152.1029.252.60
RattanIndia Power Power - Generation...48107.850.202.61
Zicom Electronic Electronics - Equi...248827.450.702.62
Fortis Healthcare Hospitals & Medica...20430144.053.752.67
Nahar Capital & Fina Finance & Investments713198.305.252.72
Dilip Buildcon Ltd. Construction & Con...33958.9025.502.73
ICICI Bank Finance - Banks - ...1235343.259.152.74
MphasiS Ltd. Computers - Software120762.1020.552.77
Laurus Labs Pharmaceuticals289548.0014.902.79
JSW Energy Ltd. Power - Generation...4839594.602.602.83
Quick Heal Technolog Computers - Software423367.9510.352.89
Minda Corporation Auto Ancl - Others467214.806.303.02
PNC Infratech Construction & Con...875193.605.803.09
Weizmann Forex Finance & Investments501402.0542.703.14
Vakrangee Computers - Software2540449.9514.003.21
Adani Transmission L Power - Transmissi...8038231.107.203.22
Lakshmi Vilas Ba Finance - Banks - ...2579141.604.453.24
Mazda Ltd. Engineering - General41507.1016.253.31
Kingfa Science & Tec Plastics - Plastic...3111135.8537.253.39
JK Tyre & Industries Tyres & Tubes2136179.705.953.42
Nahar Poly Films Ltd Textiles - Spinnin...338774.952.503.45
Mercator Ltd. Diversified217244.451.503.49
Brooks Laboratories Pharmaceuticals2516109.103.703.51
Torrent Power Ltd. Power - Generation...62291.459.903.52
The Mandhana Retail Retail - Departmen...1770174.005.953.54
HSIL Ltd. Ceramics/Tiles/San...1304491.2516.853.55
Welspun Enterprises Construction & Con...1489187.656.453.56
Shilpi Cable Technol Cables - Telephone45212.900.453.61
Pudumjee Paper Produ Paper & Paper Prod...40529.901.053.64
Empee Distilleries L Beverages & Distil...656165.452.303.64
Supreme Inds. Plastics - Plastic...1011389.4550.503.77
Sarla Performance Fi Textiles - Process...52571.202.703.94
Subex Ltd. Computers - Software33090411.750.453.98
Dish TV India Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...628575.302.904.01
Hitech Corporation Plastics - Plastic...8186.057.254.05
United Breweries Ltd Beverages & Distil...15981131.1544.104.06
Lyka Labs Pharmaceuticals971.552.904.22
Transwarranty Financ Finance & Investments20014.800.604.23
JVL Agro Industries Edible Oils & Solv...1127537.401.604.47
RPG Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals129554.8523.754.47
Indo Rama Synth. Textiles - Spinnin...3234953.252.304.51
Biofil Chemicals Pharmaceuticals4217.300.754.53
Steel ExchangeIndia Steel161937.751.654.57
Swan Energy Ltd. Textiles - General3856221.459.704.58
ICICI Lombard Gen. Finance - Non Life...66850.0538.854.79
Rain Industries Cement11307441.3021.855.21
Oriental Bank of Finance - Banks - ...55123.406.255.34
Karnataka Bank Finance - Banks - ...4330162.258.805.73
Trigyn Technolog Computers - Software69663164.559.105.85
Menon Bearings L Bearings371114.606.355.87
Syndicate Bank Finance - Banks - ...13879.955.156.89
Kavveri Telecom Prod Telecommunications...126213.150.856.91
Lycos Internet Computers - Software78267.650.506.99
GMR Infrastructure L Infrastructure - G...43848724.101.607.11
Energy Developme Power - Generation...4172234.252.758.73
Asian Hotels (East) Hotels, Resorts & ...92346.5529.109.17
TV Today Network Ltd Entertainment/Mult...14974475.2543.7510.14
SecUR Credentials Services - Others3000239.7528.7513.63

FMC unique member code - MCX : MCX/TCM/CORP/1033 NCDEX MEMBER ID:00884 FMC unique member code - NCDEX : NCDEX/TCM/CORP/0854
DP ID No. : 12052700   DP Sebi Reg.No.IN-DP-CDSL-432-2007

ATTENTION INVESTORS "Prevent Unauthorised transactions in your account --> Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with us. Receive information of your transactions directly from Exchange on your mobile/email at the end of the day.......... Issued in the interest of investors". "Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat account --> Update your Mobile Number with us. Receive alerts on your Registered Mobile for all debit and other important transactions in your demat account directly from CDSL on the same day.......... Issued in the interest of investors". "KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets - once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary".

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