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Only Sellers

( As on Nov 16, 2018 4:00PM )

You can view the stocks which are listed in last three years where there are only sellers present but no buyers for the shares.
Company NameIndustryOffer Qty.(Nos.)Last Price ( ₹ )Change ( ₹ )Change(%)
Infibeam Avenues IT Consulting & So...10954947.10-5.50-10.46
Malu Paper Mills Paper & Paper Prod...36440.65-4.30-9.57
Uttam Sugar Mills Sugar7182119.80-12.15-9.21
Take Solutions Ltd. IT Consulting & So...2183141.45-14.05-9.04
Rain Industries Cement99002152.15-14.50-8.70
Patel Engg. Ltd. Construction & Con...344740.00-3.50-8.05
Archidply Industries Decoratives - Wood...240.25-3.50-8.00
Godawari Power & Isp Steel - Sponge Iron1052339.55-28.45-7.73
E2E Networks IT Consulting & So...200063.00-5.25-7.69
Vardhman Polytex Textiles - Spinnin...2613.80-1.10-7.38
MBL Infrastructures Construction & Con...115.35-1.10-6.69
Reliance Infrastruct Power - Generation...2394329.95-22.30-6.33
Zodiac JRD MKJ L Diamond Cutting/Pr...340.55-2.70-6.24
Snowman Logistics Lt Logistics - Wareho...835.05-2.25-6.03
Power Finance Co Finance - Term Len...18455101.35-6.50-6.03
Deep Industries Oil Drilling And E...2435130.90-8.20-5.90
SPML Infra Construction & Con...1052.05-3.15-5.71
Excel Industries Agro Chemicals/Pes...901426.50-82.60-5.47
Karda Constructions Construction & Con...2742200.75-11.50-5.42
Country Condo's Construction & Con...20872.75-0.15-5.17
Steel Strips Wheels Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...8181012.85-54.50-5.11
SMS Lifesciences Ind Pharmaceuticals87476.70-25.55-5.09
Reliance Capital Finance & Investments8501237.75-12.70-5.07
SORIL Infra Resource Retail - Apparel/A...7118361.95-19.05-5.00
Albert David Ltd Pharmaceuticals774470.25-24.75-5.00
Zenith Exports L Textiles - Synthet...8850.35-2.65-5.00
Indiabulls Integrate Construction & Con...11918351.55-18.50-5.00
Bansal Multiflex Trading200059.05-3.10-4.99
Ashapura Intimates F Textiles - Readyma...6182447.85-2.50-4.97
BAG Films & Media Entertainment & Media374.80-0.25-4.95
Veto Switchgears & C Electric Equipment...517465.30-3.40-4.95
Ess Dee Aluminium Lt Packaging & Contai...83019.30-1.00-4.93
Metalyst Forgings Forgings93812.55-0.65-4.92
Oil Country Tub. Steel - Tubes/Pipes115.50-0.80-4.91
Arcotech Ltd. Metals - Non Ferro...1164168.75-0.45-4.89
Nagreeka Capital & I Finance & Investments40013.65-0.70-4.88
Lasa Supergenerics Chemicals - Specia...81122.45-1.15-4.87
Action Construction Engineering - Heavy5291.80-4.70-4.87
Precision Wires Metals - Non Ferro...283219.25-11.20-4.86
Hubtown Construction & Con...84844.45-2.25-4.82
Indiabulls Housing F Finance - Housing5037766.20-38.65-4.80
Empee Distilleries L Beverages & Distil...10008.95-0.45-4.79
Mercator Ltd. Diversified5070116.00-0.80-4.76
Cambridge Technology IT Consulting & So...9553.10-2.65-4.75
National Steel and A Steel - GP/GC Sheets59008.20-0.40-4.65
Ind-Swift L Pharmaceuticals79157.20-0.35-4.64
Pearl Polymers Plastics - Plastic...10013.45-0.65-4.61
West Coast Paper Paper & Paper Prod...683364.45-17.60-4.61
Lakshmi Energy & Foo Commodities - Trad...23907.40-0.35-4.52
Surya Roshni Ltd Steel - Tubes/Pipes926216.65-10.20-4.50
Aarvee Denims an Textiles - Denim128924.45-1.15-4.49
Vikas Ecotech L Rubber Processing/...23918914.00-0.65-4.44
Cigniti Technologies IT Consulting & So...670397.30-18.35-4.41
Dalmia Bharat Sugar Sugar975101.10-4.65-4.40
HDIL Construction & Con...277522.00-1.00-4.35
Dharani Sugars Sugar5613.25-0.60-4.33
JMT Auto Ltd. Auto Ancl - Gears ...50003.35-0.15-4.29
Intrasoft Technologi IT Enabled Services9156.75-6.90-4.22
Manaksia Aluminium Aluminium138.00-0.35-4.19
Sumeet Industrie Textiles - Manmade...233444.60-0.20-4.17
Excel Crop Care Ltd. Agro Chemicals/Pes...13400.75-147.35-4.15
REC Finance - Term Len...11244121.05-5.20-4.12
Indosolar Ltd. Non Conventional E...149982.35-0.10-4.08
Endurance Technologi Auto Ancl - Others4361151.00-48.60-4.05
MIC Electronics Ltd. Electronics - Equi...8562.40-0.10-4.00
Bharat Gears Auto Ancl - Gears ...701172.20-7.15-3.99
Bharat Electroni Electronics - Equi...1373992.85-3.85-3.98
Indiabulls Real Esta Construction & Con...5422283.25-3.45-3.98
Manaksia Coated Meta Aluminium - Sheets...507.25-0.30-3.97
Global Offshore Ser Shipping300017.35-0.70-3.88
Capital Trust Lt Finance & Investments51209.05-8.15-3.75
Magma Fincorp Ltd. Finance & Investments2105110.35-4.25-3.71
IVRCL Construction & Con...553951.30-0.05-3.70
JK Paper Ltd. Paper & Paper Prod...646169.15-6.50-3.70
Nagarjuna Fertilizer Fertilisers88508.10-0.30-3.57
DCM Ltd. Textiles - Spinnin...18773.05-2.70-3.56
Jindal St & Pwr Steel - Sponge Iron18063175.00-6.45-3.55
Nesco Ltd. Diversified45444.80-16.30-3.54
IOL Chemicals and Ph Pharmaceuticals5329170.30-6.20-3.51
Radha Madhav Corpora Packaging & Contai...10133.00-1.20-3.51
Rolta India IT Consulting & So...3539013.90-0.50-3.47
Castex Technologies Auto Ancl - Others499951.40-0.05-3.45
BEML Ltd. Engineering - Heavy2200700.45-24.85-3.43
Birla Cable Cables - Telecom1832191.35-6.60-3.33
Suven Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals4812247.80-8.45-3.30
Bombay Dyeing Textiles - Process...456116.00-3.95-3.29
Deepak Nitrite Chemicals - Inorga...1703256.40-8.65-3.26
Mukta Arts Ltd. Entertainment & Media4242.00-1.40-3.23
Balrampur Chini Sugar23578109.65-3.65-3.22
V2 Retail Retail - Apparel/A...237257.00-8.55-3.22
Allsec Technologies IT Enabled Services505224.75-7.45-3.21
Gayatri Projects Construction & Con...702178.30-5.90-3.20
Dr. Lal Pathlabs Ltd Hospitals & Medica...851832.45-27.50-3.20
JTEKT India Auto Ancl - Gears ...147107.05-3.50-3.17
Tera Software IT Consulting & So...25030.60-1.00-3.16
Bajaj HindusthanSuga Sugar9331910.75-0.35-3.15
Electrotherm (In Engineering - General390161.60-5.25-3.15
Gati Ltd. Couriers634183.45-2.70-3.13
Deepak Fertilisers Fertilisers29176.40-5.70-3.13
Avadh Sugar & Energy Sugar488413.60-13.15-3.08
SKIL Infrastructure Construction & Con...59112.60-0.40-3.08
The Investment Trust Finance & Investments602190.95-6.05-3.07
Cholamandalam Invest Finance & Investments171255.50-39.25-3.03
PSL Ltd. Steel - Tubes/Pipes53851.60-0.05-3.03
AVT Natural Prod Edible Oils & Solv...102729.05-0.90-3.01
Dixon Technologies Consumer - Electro...11994.10-61.60-3.00
Trigyn Technolog IT Consulting & So...12592.20-2.80-2.95
Sunflag Iron Steel - Rolling21364.80-1.95-2.92
Agarwal Industrial C Petrochem - Others5188.35-5.65-2.91
Heritage Foods Food Processing - ...106509.30-15.20-2.90
ITI Telecom Equipment474987.15-2.60-2.90
Dhampur Sugar Sugar1544164.35-4.90-2.90
EID Parry Sugar2266223.10-6.65-2.89
OM Metals Infraproje Project Consultanc...69831.90-0.95-2.89
Dredging Corpora Miscellaneous13357.95-10.65-2.89
Triveni Eng.&Ind.Ltd Sugar866451.00-1.50-2.86
Mahindra CIE Auto Forgings805258.50-7.60-2.86
Kingfa Science & Tec Plastics - Plastic...5743.60-21.85-2.85
Coral India Finance Finance - Housing11815.35-0.45-2.85
Godfrey Philips Cigarettes & Tobac...647842.95-24.70-2.85
Hind. NationalGl Glass & Glass Prod...40079.10-2.25-2.77
KEI Industries Cables - Power/Others17360.50-10.15-2.74
Career Point Education - Coachi...50976.85-2.15-2.72
Pritish Nandy Comm. Entertainment & Media112.60-0.35-2.70
Glenmark Pharma Pharmaceuticals354646.95-17.90-2.69
Bharat Rasayan Agro Chemicals/Pes...405839.90-160.30-2.67
Beardsell Ltd. Diversified823.70-0.65-2.67
Shree Rama Newsprint Paper & Paper Prod...42631.20-0.85-2.65
Jay Bharat Marut Auto Ancl - Others415332.45-9.05-2.65
Vidhi Specialty Food Dyes & Pigments115877.50-2.10-2.64
Melstar Inform. IT Consulting & So...50001.85-0.05-2.63
Jaiprakash Power Ven Power - Generation...3026221.85-0.05-2.63
Peria Karamalai Plantations - Tea ...50174.00-4.70-2.63
Time Technoplast Ltd Packaging & Contai...68111.20-3.00-2.63
ADF Foods Ltd. Food Processing - ...94244.85-6.60-2.62
Alembic Pharmaceutic Pharmaceuticals111565.15-15.20-2.62
Wanbury Pharmaceuticals78420.50-0.55-2.61
IZMO IT Consulting & So...1569.00-1.85-2.61
Praj Industries Engineering - Heavy2886109.15-2.90-2.59
Dhunseri Petrochem L Plastics - Plastic...77109.90-2.90-2.57
Maral Overseas Textiles - Spinnin...20028.50-0.75-2.56
Kridhan Infra Infrastructure - G...20246.30-1.20-2.53
The Andhra Sugars Diversified264362.40-9.35-2.52
Consolidated Finvest Finance & Investments150.60-1.30-2.50
Repco Home Finance L Finance - Housing2002401.35-10.30-2.50
Kiri Industries Dyes & Pigments225492.30-12.50-2.48
Cupid Ltd. Contraceptives180158.00-3.95-2.44
Rupa & Company L Textiles - Hosiery...305316.80-7.90-2.43
Ballarpur Ind. Paper & Paper Prod...5106.10-0.15-2.40
Shanthi Gears Auto Ancl - Gears ...3126.55-3.10-2.39
Andhra Cement Cement5636.15-0.15-2.38
Liberty Shoes Li Leather/Synthetic ...837166.30-4.05-2.38
Adani Power Ltd. Power - Generation...777047.55-1.15-2.36
Uniply Industries Decoratives - Wood...30160.10-1.45-2.36
D B Realty Ltd. Construction & Con...4620.75-0.50-2.35
Everest Kanto Cylind Packaging & Contai...83031.20-0.75-2.35
Ashiana Housing Ltd. Construction & Con...506120.85-2.90-2.34
Shreyans Inds. Paper & Paper Prod...2154.65-3.70-2.34
JMC Projects Construction & Con...916588.10-2.10-2.33
Indraprastha Med Hospitals & Medica...196040.05-0.95-2.32
Adani Green Energy Power - Generation...189242.35-1.00-2.31
N R Agarwal Indu Paper & Paper Prod...164473.80-11.15-2.30
Man Infraconstructio Construction & Con...195438.40-0.90-2.29
Praxis Home Retail L Retail - Departmen...8177.50-4.15-2.28
63 Moons Technologie IT Consulting & So...937891.15-2.10-2.25
Munjal Auto Industr. Auto Ancl - Others1656.65-1.30-2.24
Geojit Financial Finance & Investments66244.20-1.00-2.21
T Nadu Newsprint Paper & Paper Prod...152252.85-5.70-2.20
Chennai Petro. Refineries2114266.90-6.00-2.20
Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals & Medica...431236.65-5.30-2.19
Hind. Petrol Refineries9756243.65-5.45-2.19
DFM Foods Limi Food Processing - ...96242.25-5.35-2.16
Elgi Equipments Compressors75238.75-5.25-2.15
Shilpi Cable Technol Cables - Telecom10002.30-0.05-2.13
Lumax Auto Technolog Auto Ancl - Others50173.40-3.75-2.12
Saregama India Ltd. Entertainment & Media474582.05-12.50-2.10
Mahamaya Steel Indus Steel - CR/HR Strips55576.95-1.65-2.10
Shyam Century Ferro Ferro Alloys9687.00-0.15-2.10
Reliance Power L Power - Generation...1907530.40-0.65-2.09
Camlin Fine Sciences Chemicals - Others71556.35-1.20-2.09
Sterlite Technologie Cables - Telecom113356.90-7.60-2.09
Kopran Ltd Pharmaceuticals67038.00-0.80-2.06
Celebrity Fashions L Textiles - Readyma...1499.50-0.20-2.06
Genesys Int.Corp. IT Consulting & So...655144.95-3.05-2.06
Ruchira Papers Ltd. Paper & Paper Prod...600140.40-2.95-2.06
PC Jeweller L Diamond Cutting/Pr...339474.15-1.55-2.05
International Paper Paper & Paper Prod...157490.90-10.25-2.05
Oil India Ltd. Oil Drilling And E...708199.20-4.15-2.04
Nectar Lifesciences Pharmaceuticals737721.90-0.45-2.01
Hikal Ltd. Pharmaceuticals11149.40-3.05-2.00
Sintex Industrie Textiles - General481112.25-0.25-2.00
Hexaware Technologie IT Consulting & So...1905309.20-6.30-2.00
Brooks Laboratories Pharmaceuticals103761.55-1.25-1.99
Genus Power Infrastr Electronics - Equi...20032.05-0.65-1.99
Gandhi Special Steel - Tubes/Pipes271358.65-7.25-1.98
Skipper Ltd. Engineering - General291.65-1.85-1.98
Dilip Buildcon Ltd. Construction & Con...207482.45-9.70-1.97
Fine Organic Indus Chemicals - Organi...351147.25-22.95-1.96
Aditya Birla Money L Finance & Investments64248.05-0.95-1.94
Steel ExchangeIndia Steel5017.75-0.35-1.93
BF Investment Ltd. Finance & Investments572256.30-5.05-1.93
BF Utilities Ltd. Power - Generation...790214.20-4.20-1.92
Thirumalai Chem. Chemicals - Specia...3064120.15-2.35-1.92
WABCO India Auto Ancl - Susp. ...1296674.30-128.85-1.89
Kavveri Telecom Prod Telecom Equipment17.80-0.15-1.89
Country Club Hospita Hotels, Resorts & ...17.80-0.15-1.89
Prabhat Dairy Food Processing - ...101101.90-1.95-1.88
Pitti Engineering Engineering - General53183.95-1.60-1.87
Goa Carbons Petrochem - Others489538.45-10.15-1.85
Dwarikesh Sugar Sugar250026.70-0.50-1.84
Maruti Suzuki India Auto - Cars & Jeeps5487341.20-137.10-1.83
Globus Spirits Ltd. Beverages & Distil...48155.90-2.90-1.83
Adhunik Metaliks Steel - Sponge Iron30002.70-0.05-1.82
Aegis Logistics Ltd. Logistics - Wareho...1038218.45-4.00-1.80
VIP Clothing Textiles - Readyma...6435.90-0.65-1.78
Ujjivan Financial Finance & Investments2294230.00-4.15-1.77
Inox Wind Ltd. Engineering - Heavy42183.45-1.50-1.77
Ircon Internatio Engineering - General1068414.95-7.40-1.75
GRP L Rubber Processing/...21120.15-19.85-1.74
Lux Industries Textiles - Readyma...3321530.70-27.05-1.74
EIH Associated Hotels, Resorts & ...105304.65-5.35-1.73
Sandhar Technologies Auto Ancl - Others90323.25-5.65-1.72
Zuari Agro Chemicals Fertilisers38235.00-4.10-1.71
GHCL Chemicals - Inorga...794218.50-3.80-1.71
Minda Industries Auto Ancl - Electr...248358.50-6.15-1.69
Twentyfirst Cent Finance & Investments25023.40-0.40-1.68
Tata Metaliks Steel - Pig Iron630688.30-11.75-1.68
Minda Corporation Auto Ancl - Others258130.45-2.20-1.66
Prajay Engineers Construction & Con...18.90-0.15-1.66
Salzer Electr. Electric Equipment...197133.55-2.25-1.66
Arvind SmartSpaces Infrastructure - G...4112.85-1.90-1.66
NBCC (India) Construction & Con...2015759.50-1.00-1.65
Apar Industries Electric Equipment...899613.65-10.20-1.64
Apollo Tyres Tyres & Tubes3319226.25-3.75-1.63
Shreyas Shipping & L Shipping77225.20-3.70-1.62
Bharat Financial Inc Finance & Investments2322925.60-15.15-1.61
Elecon Engg. Engineering - Heavy666655.45-0.90-1.60
GIC Housing Fi Finance - Housing26249.40-4.00-1.58
ONGC Oil Drilling And E...6528156.35-2.50-1.57
Hindalco Indus. Aluminium21038229.95-3.65-1.56
Torrent Power Ltd. Power - Generation...5516262.45-4.15-1.56
Ramky Infrastructure Construction & Con...359131.40-2.05-1.54
Websol Energy System Electric Equipment...1632.35-0.50-1.52
Indian Metal & F Metals - Ferrous357269.40-4.15-1.52
Bannari Amman Su Sugar391743.85-26.75-1.51
IL&FS Investment Man Finance & Investments206.55-0.10-1.50
Uflex Ltd. Packaging & Contai...363312.75-4.75-1.50
VIP Indus. Plastics - Plastic...1451461.30-7.00-1.49
Allied Digital Servi IT Consulting & So...27513.55-0.20-1.45
Indraprastha Gas Ltd Industrial Gases866267.90-3.95-1.45
BASF India Lt Chemicals - Organi...3591534.70-22.55-1.45
Uniphos Enterprises Trading4095.35-1.40-1.45
Precision Camshafts Auto Ancl - Others5061.35-0.90-1.45
Dhunseri Investments Finance & Investments22278.35-4.05-1.43
Muthoot Finance Finance & Investments142460.90-6.65-1.42
Mirza International Leather/Synthetic ...26779.95-1.15-1.42
Gallantt Metal Steel - Sponge Iron359.15-0.85-1.42
IL&FS Engineering Construction & Con...100013.95-0.20-1.41
Hind. Oil Explor Oil Drilling And E...6599129.75-1.85-1.41
AstraZeneca Pharma I Pharmaceuticals1361666.85-23.60-1.40
Greenply Industr Decoratives - Wood...205134.25-1.90-1.40
Lakshmi Finance Finance & Investments974.45-1.05-1.39
Aban Offshore Oil Drilling And E...729981.55-1.15-1.39
Granules India L Pharmaceuticals6178100.75-1.40-1.37
Butterfly Gandhima Domestic Appliances7248.40-3.45-1.37
UFO Moviez India Ltd Entertainment & Media436280.90-3.80-1.33
PVP Ventures Ltd. Construction & Con...15313.75-0.05-1.32
Ganesh Housing Construction & Con...96960.10-0.80-1.31
Mold-Tek Technologi. Engineering - General50041.75-0.55-1.30
Jindal Saw Steel - Tubes/Pipes521583.80-1.10-1.30
OnMobile Global Ltd. Telecom Services25734.30-0.45-1.29
IL&FS Transportation Transport - Road10719.10-0.25-1.29
Mahanagar Gas LPG Bottling/Distr...814844.50-11.05-1.29
M&M Fin.Services Finance & Investments558438.00-5.70-1.28
VRL Logistics Ltd. Logistics - Wareho...1176286.00-3.70-1.28
Ester India Packaging & Contai...277138.90-0.50-1.27
Vimta Labs Ltd. Hospitals & Medica...143258.90-3.30-1.26
Tin Plate Co. Metals - Non Ferro...352159.60-2.00-1.24
Pokarna Ltd. Granites/Marbles299177.25-2.20-1.23
MEP Infrastructure Infrastructure - G...945040.35-0.50-1.22
Motor & General Finance & Investments24849.05-0.60-1.21
Future Market Net Construction & Con...42561.55-0.75-1.20
Kakatiya Cement Suga Cement813201.60-2.45-1.20
Dena Bank Finance - Banks - ...10516.55-0.20-1.19
Excel Realty N Infra Construction & Con...10084.15-0.05-1.19
Bhansali Engg.Po Petrochem - Polymers109879.95-0.95-1.17
Vishnu Chemicals Chemicals - Inorga...147161.05-1.90-1.17
Manappuram Finance Finance & Investments65185.95-1.00-1.15
Damodar Industries Textiles - Spinnin...3347.45-0.55-1.15
GOCL Corporation Lubricants1276.60-3.20-1.14
Tamilnadu Petroprod Detergents9639.40-0.45-1.13
Graphite India Ltd. Electrodes - Graphite2966973.95-11.10-1.13
Sundaram Fasten. Auto Ancl - Engine...381525.65-5.95-1.12
BPL Ltd. Consumer - Electro...97839.80-0.45-1.12
HDFC Standard Life Finance - Life Ins...1585393.40-4.40-1.11
Sonata Software IT Consulting & So...1605331.45-3.70-1.10
PSP Projects Construction & Con...50394.65-4.40-1.10
NIIT Ltd. IT Training Services509780.85-0.90-1.10
SQS India BFSI IT Consulting & So...2443.55-4.90-1.09
Rico Auto Inds. Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...75068.75-0.75-1.08
Birla Corporation Lt Cement511648.25-7.05-1.08
Sangam India Ltd Textiles - Spinnin...30079.25-0.85-1.06
Godrej Properties Lt Construction & Con...31629.35-6.70-1.05
GP Petroleums Oil Drilling And E...1366.95-0.70-1.03
Intellect Design IT Consulting & So...5983240.85-2.50-1.03
BGR Energy Systems Engineering - General285262.70-0.65-1.03
Indo National Dry Cells1733.55-7.55-1.02
Religare Enterprises Finance & Investments30034.40-0.35-1.01
Axis Bank Ltd. Finance - Banks - ...5179619.80-6.30-1.01
Himachal F. Comm Telecom Equipment445219.95-0.20-0.99
Kirloskar Bros. Pumps47180.65-1.80-0.99
Manaksia Steels Steel21620.20-0.20-0.98
Leel Electricals Air Conditioners26266.30-0.65-0.97
Nitin Spinners Textiles - Spinnin...81188.20-0.85-0.95
Great Eastern Shipping50280.40-2.70-0.95
HB Stockholding Finance & Investments106510.50-0.10-0.94
Nitesh Estates Construction & Con...15.30-0.05-0.93
Lotus Eye Hospital Hospitals & Medica...226.95-0.25-0.92
Shivam Autotech Ltd. Auto Ancl - Others5543.40-0.40-0.91
Jindal Drilling Oil Drilling And E...1092125.50-1.15-0.91
Bhushan Steel Ltd. Steel - CR/HR Strips67327.40-0.25-0.90
Kothari Sugar Sugar231011.10-0.10-0.89
Dollar Industries Textiles - Hosiery...100307.05-2.75-0.89
PTC India Financial Finance & Investments1083517.05-0.15-0.87
IFB Industries Domestic Appliances10915.90-8.05-0.87
India Glycols Chemicals - Organi...831347.65-3.05-0.87
Guj. Alkalie & C Chemicals - Inorga...145573.90-5.00-0.86
Pennar Engineered Bu Engineering - General358.00-0.50-0.85
Cosmo Films Packaging & Contai...1484232.65-2.00-0.85
Steel Authority Steel1442864.10-0.55-0.85
HG Infra Engineering Construction & Con...4222.85-1.90-0.85
Rites Ltd. Project Consultanc...981294.80-2.50-0.84
General Ins. Corp. Finance - Reinsurance318309.20-2.60-0.83
Weizmann Forex Finance & Investments224483.50-4.05-0.83
Rashtriya Chemicals Fertilisers2036359.85-0.50-0.83
Hatsun Agro Prod Food Processing - ...590616.95-5.15-0.83
Saksoft Ltd. IT Consulting & So...5290.95-2.40-0.82
Star Paper Mills Paper & Paper Prod...1053158.20-1.30-0.82
Fairchem Speciality Chemicals - Specia...83335.05-2.75-0.81
Zee Learn Ltd. Education - Coachi...22336.75-0.30-0.81
Heidelberg Cement In Cement144147.65-1.20-0.81
Monsanto India Agro Chemicals/Pes...192502.50-20.30-0.80
Torrent Pharmac Pharmaceuticals4281659.10-13.45-0.80
Lakshmi Vilas Ba Finance - Banks - ...54089.15-0.70-0.78
Mangalore Chem. Fertilisers66038.40-0.30-0.78
Sadbhav Infrastructu Infrastructure - G...111103.70-0.80-0.77
Welspun Enterprises Construction & Con...2195123.35-0.95-0.76
Essar Shipping Shipping53913.05-0.10-0.76
Zodiac Clothing Textiles - Readyma...4137.45-1.05-0.76
HCL Infosystem IT Networking Equi...2097826.30-0.20-0.75
Aavas Financiers Finance - Housing3675.10-5.10-0.75
Lokesh Machines Engineering - General49246.35-0.35-0.75
Somany Ceramics Ltd. Ceramics/Tiles/San...64300.65-2.25-0.74
Astral Poly Technik Plastics - Pipes &...1331042.15-7.75-0.74
SRF Ltd. Textiles - Manmade...1042040.25-15.00-0.73
A2Z Infra Engineer Engineering - General208813.65-0.10-0.73
Motilal Oswal Financ Finance & Investments20643.20-4.70-0.73
Hind.ConstructionCo. Construction & Con...2057213.95-0.10-0.71
Shoppers Stop Retail - Departmen...10496.20-3.55-0.71
Music Broadcast Entertainment & Media3353330.65-2.35-0.71
Pricol L Auto Ancl - Others6649.85-0.35-0.70
National Alumini Aluminium1207066.10-0.45-0.68
HUDCO Finance - Housing327344.15-0.30-0.67
Vivimed Labs Pharmaceuticals26637.45-0.25-0.66
ICICI Bank Finance - Banks - ...3297367.55-2.45-0.66
Panacea Biotec L Pharmaceuticals59157.95-1.05-0.66
Capacit'e Infraproje Construction & Con...390219.35-1.45-0.66
La Opala RG Ltd. Glass & Glass Prod...3407230.65-1.50-0.65
KRBL Ltd. Commodities - Trad...109338.60-2.20-0.65
Indiabulls Ventures Finance & Investments9957456.30-2.95-0.64
Guj. Sidhee Ceme Cement7723.45-0.15-0.64
GMR Infrastructure L Infrastructure - G...4963216.05-0.10-0.62
Mangalore Refine Refineries125380.65-0.50-0.62
Ingersoll Rand Compressors75557.75-3.40-0.61
Phillips Carbon Carbon Black2029213.55-1.30-0.61
Godrej Agrovet L Food Processing - ...674514.75-3.10-0.60
Sharda Cropchem Agro Chemicals/Pes...74312.50-1.85-0.59
National Fertilizers Fertilisers2234.95-0.20-0.57
Arshiya Logistics - Wareho...52735.30-0.20-0.56
Sandesh Printing/Publishin...1805.40-4.55-0.56
CARE Ratings Services - Others1861004.90-5.60-0.55
Tourism Finance Finance - Term Len...61126.65-0.70-0.55
MOIL Ltd. Mining/Minerals12174.85-0.95-0.54
Nath Bio-Genes Seeds/Tissue Cultu...13370.65-1.95-0.52
Ashok Leyland Auto - LCVs/HCVs1835105.55-0.55-0.52
Prism Johnson Cement233287.15-0.45-0.51
Intense Technologies IT Consulting & So...180039.00-0.20-0.51
Asahi India Glass Glass & Glass Prod...93275.65-1.40-0.51
Apex Frozen Foods Food Processing - ...674382.65-1.90-0.49
Jamna Auto Inds. Auto Ancl - Susp. ...68371.25-0.35-0.49
Amara Raja Batt. Auto Ancl - Batteries144733.75-3.50-0.47
MT Educare Ltd. Education - Coachi...1852.65-0.25-0.47
Central Depository Services - Others50238.95-1.10-0.46
Bharat Dynamics Engineering - Heavy43282.60-1.30-0.46
Solar Industries Ind Industrial Explosives1261002.50-4.60-0.46
ICE Make Refrigerati Food Processing - ...400076.60-0.35-0.45
ITD Cementation Indi Construction & Con...156112.10-0.50-0.44
NDTV Entertainment & Media10734.60-0.15-0.43
Sadbhav Engineering Construction & Con...83220.25-0.95-0.43
JK Cement Cement171696.40-3.00-0.43
NOCIL Ltd. Petrochem - Polymers7269168.00-0.70-0.41
Esab India Welding Equipments20891.55-3.70-0.41
Oriental Carbon Carbon Black2401137.65-4.60-0.40
DCM Shriram Diversified263409.10-1.65-0.40
Tribhovandas Bhimji Diamond Cutting/Pr...59362.10-0.25-0.40
Page Industries Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...3925498.50-102.20-0.40
Neuland Laborat Pharmaceuticals181536.65-2.15-0.40
Summit Securities Finance & Investments28568.30-2.20-0.39
PNB Housing Finance Finance - Housing31997.15-3.75-0.37
SPIC Fertilisers70426.90-0.10-0.37
Atlanta Ltd. Infrastructure - G...4526.90-0.10-0.37
Kitex Garments Textiles - Readyma...13110.05-0.40-0.36
MindTree Ltd. IT Consulting & So...1096837.40-3.00-0.36
Tata Coffee Ltd. Plantations - Tea ...501998.10-0.35-0.36
S P Apparels Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...37272.50-0.95-0.35
Welspun India Textiles - Terry T...1994462.55-0.20-0.32
PTC India Power - Generation...508481.05-0.25-0.31
Coffee Day Enterpris Hotels, Resorts & ...51276.95-0.85-0.31
SBI Life Insurance Finance - Life Ins...169577.30-1.75-0.30
Century Plyboards Decoratives - Wood...21166.60-0.50-0.30
Talwalkars Lifestyle Retail - Specialit...2295119.60-0.35-0.29
TVS Electronics Computers - Access...92205.30-0.60-0.29
Future Consumer Food Processing - ...977751.65-0.15-0.29
Kaveri Seed Company Seeds/Tissue Cultu...1101518.00-1.50-0.29
Nitco Ltd. Ceramics/Tiles/San...153534.70-0.10-0.29
Garden Reach Ship Ship - Docks/Break...32689.55-0.25-0.28
DLF Ltd. Construction & Con...1581169.40-0.45-0.26
Igarashi Motors Indi Electric Equipment...827606.10-1.55-0.26 Services - Others4473.40-1.20-0.25
NLC India L Power - Generation...54081.20-0.20-0.25
Garden Silk Mill Textiles - Weaving28420.60-0.05-0.24
Kanoria Chemical Chemicals - Organi...190262.20-0.15-0.24
Radico Khaitan Ltd. Beverages & Distil...318437.40-1.05-0.24
India Nippon Ele Auto Ancl - Electr...298460.00-1.10-0.24
KPIT Technologies IT Consulting & So...9171211.95-0.50-0.24
Guj. Mineral Dev Mining/Minerals50086.75-0.20-0.23
Vardhman Special St Steel - General48109.50-0.25-0.23
Smartlink Holdings Finance & Investments6392.40-0.20-0.22
Flexituff Ventures Packaging & Contai...89947.90-0.10-0.21
Bajaj Corp Ltd. Personal Care422355.65-0.70-0.20
Trent Ltd. Retail - Apparel/A...189332.00-0.65-0.20
Biocon Pharmaceuticals1838624.95-1.20-0.19
Aksh Optifibre Cables - Telecom79926.70-0.05-0.19
SJVN Ltd. Power - Generation...223827.30-0.05-0.18
Balkrishna Paper Mil Paper & Paper Prod...10155.00-0.10-0.18
Quick Heal Technolog IT Consulting & So...21209.10-0.35-0.17
KCP Ltd. Cement892.60-0.15-0.16
Gulf Oil Lubricants Lubricants6754.85-1.15-0.15
Bharat Heavy Ele Engineering - Heavy477866.75-0.10-0.15
GSFC Fertilisers4716105.70-0.15-0.14
Sheela Foam Petrochem - Polymers131375.65-1.90-0.14
Gallantt Ispat Ltd. Steel20037.95-0.05-0.13
Kaya L Personal Care16693.60-0.90-0.13
JBM Auto Auto Ancl - Others477295.90-0.35-0.12
Jubilant Foodworks L Food Processing - ...841191.10-1.40-0.12
Ambika Cotton Mi Textiles - Spinnin...61226.05-1.10-0.09
Voltas Ltd. Diversified520552.55-0.45-0.08
Syngene Internationa Miscellaneous163578.40-0.45-0.08
Orbit Exports Li Textiles - Weaving11136.15-0.10-0.07
Grindwell Norton Abrasives And Grin...19489.70-0.35-0.07
Vinyl Chemicals Chemicals - Organi...180.90-0.05-0.06
City Union Bank Finance - Banks - ...5881163.90-0.10-0.06
TPL Plastech Ltd. Plastics - Plastic...2170.70-0.10-0.06
Jubilant Life Scienc Pharmaceuticals51753.10-0.40-0.05
MRF Ltd Tyres & Tubes765754.95-29.90-0.05
J B Chemicals & Phar Pharmaceuticals21308.55-0.10-0.03
HDFC AMC Finance - Mutual F...171400.35-0.20-0.01
Guj. Fluorochemi Chemicals - Organi...135900.00-0.10-0.01
Rana Sugars Sugar15503.950.000.00
Barak Valley Cements Cement49816.350.000.00
Madhav Marbles & Gra Granites/Marbles25443.800.000.00
Unitech Ltd. Construction & Con...2838962.250.000.00
Nila Infrastructures Construction & Con...19448.650.000.00
Giriraj Civil Devolp Construction & Con...720071.900.000.00
Manali Petrochem Petrochem - Polymers3934.250.000.00
Mindteck (India) IT Consulting & So...6040.550.000.00
MPS Infotecnics IT Consulting & So...35685200.100.000.00
W S Industries Electric Equipment...15004.000.000.00
Proseed India Seeds/Tissue Cultu...53500.500.000.00
Centrum Capital Finance & Investments40841.950.000.00
United Bank of I Finance - Banks - ...1015011.300.000.00
BLB Ltd. Finance & Investments7005.250.000.00
PNB Gilts Ltd. Finance & Investments65029.950.000.00
Visagar Polytex Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...980000.750.000.00
Nagarjuna Oil Refine Oil Drilling And E...21111.300.000.00
Gemini Communica Telecommunications...100000.300.000.00
Uttam Value Steels Steel - CR/HR Strips12003290.150.000.00
Shekhawati Poly Yarn Textiles - Process...960000.300.000.00
Super Spinning Textiles - Spinnin...636.450.000.00
Bhandari Hosiery Textiles - Hosiery...506282.150.000.00
SEL Manufacturing Co Textiles - General270001.200.000.00
AMJ Land Holdings L Construction & Con...8323.350.000.00
Rainbow Papers Paper & Paper Prod...20001.350.000.00
Viceroy Hotels L Hotels, Resorts & ...155.500.000.00
Shipping Corpn. Shipping17745.300.000.00
Sri Havisha Hospital Hotels, Resorts & ...10001.250.000.00
SRS Ltd. Diamond Cutting/Pr...50000.450.000.00
Majesco L IT Consulting & So...5490.000.100.02
PI Industries Agro Chemicals/Pes...4834.550.350.04
Thomas Cook (I) Travel Agen. / Tou...404226.150.100.04
Emkay Global Financi Finance & Investments195.050.050.05
Binani Industrie Miscellaneous32584.600.050.06
Bliss GVS Pharma Pharmaceuticals36168.500.100.06
Titan Company Watches1389921.350.550.06
IFGL Refractories Refractories100250.500.150.06
Bharat Petroleum Refineries8945322.050.200.06
Himadri Speciality Chemicals - Specia...1100131.000.100.08
Sunteck Realty Ltd. Construction & Con...722347.850.350.10
P&G Hygiene&Health Personal Care19514.309.900.10
Jyothy Laboratories Personal Care3547186.400.200.11
Som Distilleries Beverages & Distil...1687160.650.200.12
Tata Power Co. Power - Generation...516576.800.100.13
Satin Creditcare Finance & Investments4050209.800.300.14
Goodluck India Steel - Tubes/Pipes22969.000.100.15
NTPC Power - Generation...2398154.050.250.16
Kansai Nerolac Paint Paints/Varnishes196421.050.700.17
Texmaco Infrastructu Construction & Con...8958.900.100.17
Karur Vysya Bank Finance - Banks - ...43682.450.150.18
Equitas Holdings Ltd Finance & Investments2348109.350.200.18
Mahindra Logistics L Logistics - Wareho...100513.650.950.19
Delta Corp Ltd. Miscellaneous1066239.350.450.19
Coal India Mining/Minerals2734263.650.500.19
Vardhman Textiles Lt Textiles - Spinnin...81050.952.100.20
Quess Corp Services - Others175767.151.700.22
Asian Paints Ltd. Paints/Varnishes1021321.303.000.23
United Breweries Ltd Beverages & Distil...1041315.603.150.24
Indo Count Inds. Textiles - Spinnin...34160.050.150.25
Gillanders Arbut Diversified20059.400.150.25
Aurobindo Pharma Pharmaceuticals560782.652.050.26
Godrej Consumer Prod Personal Care423723.401.900.26
Vascon Engineers Ltd Construction & Con...102319.000.050.26
Ginni Filaments Textiles - Spinnin...98117.400.050.29
Eris Lifesciences Pharmaceuticals715618.551.800.29
Xchanging Solutions IT Consulting & So...250.700.150.30
Symphony Consumer - Electro...42967.352.900.30
Cox & Kings L Travel Agen. / Tou...1179190.550.600.32
TVS Motor Co. Ltd. Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers1766551.601.800.33
HIL Cement Products12180.457.150.33
Ruby Mills Textiles - Composi...346260.000.900.35
Adani Ports & Speci Miscellaneous675347.451.250.36
Datamatics Global Se IT Consulting & So...5111.150.400.36
Bata India Leather/Synthetic ...1781003.953.650.36
KSB Ltd Pumps3758.702.800.37
GlaxoSmithKline Phar Pharmaceuticals171349.805.100.38
Astra Microwave Engineering - General218278.950.300.38
Hind. Copper Metals - Non Ferro...211250.800.200.40
TV18 Broadcast Entertainment & Media327536.900.150.41
Autoline Industries Auto Ancl - Engine...2959.200.250.42
Hinduja Ventures Services - Others39410.501.750.43
Sharda Motor Ind Auto Ancl - Others81578.906.800.43
Den Networks Ltd. Entertainment & Media4969.400.300.43
Plastiblends Ind Plastics - Plastic...5217.000.950.44
Shalby Hospitals & Medica...12159.100.700.44
Pudumjee Paper Produ Paper & Paper Prod...1922.000.100.46
Gujarat Pipavav Port Ship - Docks/Break...156498.350.450.46
LT Foods Ltd. Commodities - Trad...349742.150.200.48
Lakshmi Machines Engineering - Heavy615987.3528.450.48
Garware Tech. Fibres Textiles - General101111.055.350.48
Shree Cement Cement5415935.9077.500.49
UCO Bank Finance - Banks - ...1420319.400.100.52
CESC Ltd. Power - Generation...347687.053.550.52
InterGlobe Aviation Airlines861049.405.450.52
Monte Carlo Fashions Textiles - Readyma...87344.001.800.53
Wockhardt Ltd. Pharmaceuticals2006525.352.750.53
Power Grid Corpo Power - Transmissi...5807188.101.000.53
Inox Leisure Entertainment & Media354215.601.150.54
Bombay Burmah Plantations - Tea ...91362.207.300.54
United Spirits Beverages & Distil...256647.103.500.54
Max India Finance & Investments219473.450.400.55
TV Today Network Ltd Entertainment & Media111382.752.100.55
Chambal Fertilis Fertilisers997143.900.800.56
Timken India Ltd Bearings309527.803.150.60
Johnson Controls-Hit Air Conditioners861790.1010.700.60
Polyplex Corpn. Packaging & Contai...8489617.253.800.62
Dr. Reddy's Labs Pharmaceuticals1922477.0515.250.62
Lincoln Pharmace Pharmaceuticals1076237.201.500.64
IDFC L Finance - Term Len...1059039.150.250.64
MphasiS Ltd. IT Consulting & So...105953.906.100.64
Megasoft Ltd. IT Consulting & So...307.750.050.65
Mas Financial Servic Finance & Investments552553.353.750.68
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. Construction & Con...894126.150.900.72
Greaves Cotton Engines831130.150.950.74
Guj. Industries Power - Generation...196281.450.600.74
Nelco Ltd Telecom Equipment545239.801.800.76
Ipca Laboratorie Pharmaceuticals145758.905.800.77
Gabriel India Auto Ancl - Shock ...440136.151.050.78
Ratnamani Metals Steel - Tubes/Pipes10877.406.850.79
Brigade Enterprises Construction & Con...64185.301.450.79
AIA Engineering Castings/Foundry551681.5513.350.80
Alkali Metals Ltd. Chemicals - Specia...15856.650.450.80
Akzo Nobel India Ltd Paints/Varnishes31590.8512.700.80
Bhagyanagar India Lt Metals - Non Ferro...
Crisil Services - Others71500.5512.300.83
Castrol India Lubricants92151.001.250.83
McDowell Holdings Lt Finance & Investments10030.050.250.84
Kokuyo Camlin Printing/Publishin...28106.050.900.86
India Cements Lt Cement32493.850.800.86
Amber Enterprises Air Conditioners73864.657.450.87
Sundaram Finance Finance & Investments911448.1512.900.90
Dalmia Bharat Refractories4542263.7020.250.90
Parag Milk Foods Food Processing - ...176245.002.200.91
Shree Pushkar Chemic Chemicals - Others937193.051.750.91
Kothari Products Pan Masala/Tobacco...30102.350.950.94
Wipro Ltd IT Consulting & So...130326.203.050.94
CreditAccess Grameen Finance & Investments6536362.303.400.95
Pidilite Inds. Chemicals - Specia...1731118.9010.650.96
Galaxy Surfacta. Chemicals - Specia...51197.8011.550.97
Indian Overseas Finance - Banks - ...166915.000.151.01
Varun Beverages Ltd. Non-Alcoholic Beve...664809.008.151.02
Jayaswal Neco Indust Castings/Foundry10004.950.051.02
Rushil Decor Ltd. Laminates16550.105.651.04
Aditya Birla Fashion Retail - Apparel/A...1694191.702.001.05
RPG Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals343248.452.651.08
Borosil Glass Glass & Glass Prod...141248.902.701.10
Reliance Com Telecom Services1316413.550.151.12
Talbros Auto. Auto Ancl - Engine...83234.202.701.17
Reliance Ind.Inf Project Consultanc...5065351.304.051.17
Bannari Amman Spinni Textiles - General10204.402.401.19
Raymond Ltd Textiles - Woollen...3152774.459.151.20
GRUH Finance Li Finance - Housing569306.503.651.21
TI Financial Holding Finance & Investments100483.555.801.21
Royal Orchid Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...540116.201.401.22
Union Bank of In Finance - Banks - ...1992782.601.001.23
Carborundum Uni. Abrasives And Grin...15357.754.401.25
Honeywell Automation Instrumentation & ...1021466.00265.101.25
Kajaria Ceramics Ceramics/Tiles/San...932453.555.651.26
Rajesh Exports L Diamond Cutting/Pr...1569567.157.101.27
Lupin Ltd. Pharmaceuticals2266864.7010.951.28
PetronetLNG Refineries2839216.002.751.29
B L Kashyap & Sons Construction & Con...69923.450.301.30
Kalpataru Power Power - Transmissi...49357.054.601.31
Ucal Fuel System Auto Ancl - Engine...1339186.802.451.33
Bang Overseas Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...219853.250.701.33
De Nora India Ltd. Welding Equipments244250.953.301.33
Newgen Software Tech IT Consulting & So...129311.304.101.33
MMTC Ltd. Trading113430.350.401.34
Zensar Technologies IT Consulting & So...2241.403.201.34
GSS Infotech IT Consulting & So...224120.101.601.35
JSW Holdings Finance & Investments42474.5533.201.36
Hero MotoCorp Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers6032961.9039.751.36
Kilitch Drugs(I) Pharmaceuticals2338190.552.601.38
Mayur Uniquoters Plastics - Plastic...50375.555.201.40
Hind. Composites Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...102338.654.701.41
RBL Bank Finance - Banks - ...17559.258.101.47
HDFC Bank Finance - Banks - ...8082004.3029.151.48
Strides Pharma Scien Pharmaceuticals277464.656.901.51
Avanti Feeds Lim Animal/Shrimp Feed625373.155.701.55
Navin Fluorine Inter Chemicals - Others5677.3010.601.59
Godrej Industries Lt Personal Care3136517.558.151.60
Rama Steel Tubes Ltd Steel - Tubes/Pipes250078.551.251.62
Oswal Agro Mills Finance & Investments20009.200.151.66
GNA Axles Auto Ancl - Engine...95383.306.251.66
Orient Cement Ltd. Cement5584.651.401.68
Dabur India Personal Care1188395.656.801.75
Vijaya Bank Finance - Banks - ...178343.300.751.76
Au Small Finance Ban Finance - Banks - ...1533597.7510.601.81
Gujarat Narmada Vall Fertilisers2493359.556.451.83
Tech Mahindra Ltd. IT Consulting & So...270728.0013.101.83
MTNL Telecom Services2275513.800.251.85
Walchandnagar Engineering - Heavy4447103.951.901.86
Manpasand Beverage Non-Alcoholic Beve...3195.601.751.86
California Softw IT Consulting & So...40537.650.701.89
HDFC Finance - Housing13971889.0035.401.91
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Finance - Banks - ...39439.700.751.93
Advanced Enzyme Tech Seeds/Tissue Cultu...1190.153.601.93
Sanghvi Movers L Engineering - Heavy981119.652.301.96
Colgate Palm. Personal Care3661147.6022.101.96
Dishman Carbogen Amc Pharmaceuticals706231.954.501.98
Zydus Wellness Ltd. Personal Care71132.1522.352.01
JM Financial Ltd. Finance & Investments15785.951.702.02
Banaras Beads Li Miscellaneous10050.201.002.03
Adroit Infotech IT Consulting & So...49820.000.402.04
Nestle India Food Processing - ...210687.25223.452.14
PPAP Automotive Auto Ancl - Others130386.658.152.15
Celestial Biolabs Lt Pharmaceuticals49109.350.202.19
Future Enterprises Retail - Apparel/A...186244.100.952.20
Nelcast Ltd. Castings/Foundry444378.801.702.20
Srikalahasthi Pipes Steel - Pig Iron207201.804.402.23
MarathonNextgenRea Construction & Con...11125.702.752.24
Hindustan Media Vent Printing/Publishin...18133.803.002.29
Allcargo Logistics Logistics - Wareho...569108.302.502.36
Healthcare Global En Hospitals & Medica...100226.505.402.44
Advani Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...50060.201.452.47
HEG Ltd. Electrodes - Graphite44284221.00102.652.49
Tata Teleservices (M Telecom Services181504.100.102.50
Bajaj Electricals Domestic Appliances6049505.6512.502.53
Blue Dart Expres Couriers453134.7077.652.54
Arvind Ltd. Textiles - Denim165147319.008.102.61
Kolte-Patil Develope Construction & Con...222245.056.302.64
Asian Hotels (East) Hotels, Resorts & ...116252.706.602.68
Allahabad Bank Finance - Banks - ...736243.351.152.73
TCI Finance Finance & Investments65016.800.452.75
Pioneer Emb. Textiles - Hosiery...84531.600.852.76
Reliance Inds. Diversified166861127.4030.552.79
GlaxoSmithKlineConsu Food Processing - ...17196.45196.002.80
Aditya Birla Capital Finance & Investments907113.503.102.81
CG Power and Indust Electric Equipment...24636.001.002.86
Grasim Inds. Diversified4008831.9023.202.87
Eros International M Entertainment & Media32299.052.903.02
GE T&D India Power - Transmissi...338233.457.103.14
VST Tillers Tr Auto - Tractors131616.9049.203.14
Adani Transmission L Power - Transmissi...15752216.006.703.20
Visa Steel Steel239.600.303.23
Indian Terrain Fashi Textiles - Readyma...144151.754.903.34
Asian Granito India Ceramics/Tiles/San...32181.055.853.34
HCL Technologies IT Consulting & So...171022.2033.453.38
Indian Hotels Co Hotels, Resorts & ...296135.704.453.39
TCNS Clothing Textiles - General26692.1523.553.52
Karuturi Global Ltd. Agricultural Products250001.450.053.57
Bandhan Bank Finance - Banks - ...5068476.2016.453.58
Shree Rama Multi Packaging & Contai...5007.150.253.62
Mishra Dhatu Nig Steel - Alloys/Spe...1916125.754.403.63
Schneider Electric Electric Equipment...4210118.454.153.63
Manugraph India Ltd. Engineering - General7533.901.253.83
Balaji Amines Li Chemicals - Organi...26489.6518.103.84
The Western India Decoratives - Wood...10065.952.453.86
Maha. Scooters Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers152532.5595.503.92
Welspun Corp Steel - Tubes/Pipes8763153.805.853.95
Ponni Sugars (Erode) Sugar99142.305.453.98
Salasar Techno Engin Engineering - General601253.359.754.00
Apollo Sindoori Hote Hotels, Resorts & ...24820.1032.304.10
Oriental Bank of Finance - Banks - ...405391.753.854.38
GTPL Hathway Entertainment & Media20892.903.904.38
Laurus Labs Pharmaceuticals1399.1516.904.42
Sumit Woods Construction & Con...300045.151.954.51
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd Agro Chemicals/Pes...507440.1519.704.69
Jai Corp Ltd. Steel - GP/GC Sheets10354115.855.805.27
Tainwala Chem. Plastics - Sheets/...5290.604.605.35
Dynamatic Techno Hydraulics421685.4588.555.55
Tata Communications Telecom Services5977548.4529.755.74
Bajaj Holdings & Inv Finance & Investments3523131.60177.105.99
Insecticides (India) Agro Chemicals/Pes...2539.4031.956.30
Oswal Green Tech Finance & Investments9519.101.257.00
Venky's (India) Ltd. Livestock - Hatche...11922434.80174.457.72
Jet Airways Airlines102934346.5025.607.98
Bharti Airtel Telecom Services676332.7528.359.31
Shirpur Gold Refiner Mining/Minerals107688.208.2010.25
Somi Conveyor Beltin Engineering - General93737.003.5010.45
Bharat Road Network Construction & Con...49993.009.6011.51
Indian Hume Pipe Cement Products2968316.8535.3512.56
RattanIndia Power Power - Generation...744673.450.4515.00
Vodafone Idea L Telecom Services32370543.006.1016.53
Gujarat Apollo Indus Engineering - Heavy2742179.0026.8017.61

SEBI REGN NO. INZ000171936
CDSL DP ID NO. : 12052700 DP SEBI REG.NO.IN-DP-CDSL-432-2007

ATTENTION INVESTORS "Prevent Unauthorised transactions in your account --> Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with us. Receive information of your transactions directly from Exchange on your mobile/email at the end of the day.......... Issued in the interest of investors". "Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat account --> Update your Mobile Number with us. Receive alerts on your Registered Mobile for all debit and other important transactions in your demat account directly from CDSL on the same day.......... Issued in the interest of investors". "KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets - once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary".

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