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Only Sellers

( As on Mar 22, 2018 3:59PM )

You can view the stocks which are listed in last three years where there are only sellers present but no buyers for the shares.
Company NameIndustryOffer Qty.(Nos.)Last Price ( ₹ )Change ( ₹ )Change(%)
Hind.ConstructionCo. Construction & Con...11934423.90-4.90-17.01
Nakoda Textiles - Process...53860.35-0.05-12.50
Ortel Communications Entertainment/Mult...1921.40-2.70-11.20
Sumeet Industrie Textiles - Manmade...52721.00-2.40-10.26
Ashima Ltd. Textiles - Spinnin...144423.35-1.85-7.34
Avadh Sugar & Energy Sugar401451.25-35.15-7.23
JaiprakashAssociates Construction & Con...19583418.10-1.40-7.18
Balrampur Chini Sugar5130587.10-6.45-6.89
Monnet Ispat & Energ Steel - Sponge Iron567918.50-1.35-6.80
MMTC Ltd. Trading1859457.65-4.20-6.79
Hubtown Construction & Con...1518871.40-4.95-6.48
Welspun Corp Steel - Tubes/Pipes7818130.85-8.95-6.40
TGB Banquets Hotels, Resorts & ...3135.10-2.40-6.40
Vijay Shanthi Bu Construction & Con...5018.00-1.20-6.25
Reliance Naval Ship - Docks/Break...2264230.35-2.00-6.18
Sanghvi Forging & En Forgings50027.55-1.80-6.13
Hind. NationalGl Glass & Glass Prod...2108.50-7.05-6.10
Uttam Sugar Mills Sugar605110.70-7.05-5.99
Reliance Com Telecommunications...6172723.80-1.50-5.93
Autolite (I) Auto Ancl - Equipm...200063.05-3.90-5.83
Inox Wind Ltd. Engineering - Heavy187108.25-6.65-5.79
DCM Shriram Diversified307407.15-24.50-5.68
Alembic Ltd. Pharmaceuticals24055.95-3.30-5.57
Jindal Stainless (Hi Steel - General528165.40-9.75-5.57
Ramkrishna Forgings Forgings196713.30-41.30-5.47
Pressman Advertising Entertainment/Mult...349748.60-2.80-5.45
A2Z Infra Engineer Engineering - General580227.20-1.55-5.39
63 Moons Technologie Computers - Software202797.30-5.50-5.35
SPML Infra Project Consultanc...10095.10-5.25-5.23
Cybertech System Computers - Software8558.90-3.25-5.23
SREI Infrastructure Finance & Investments12676.30-4.20-5.22
Indo Rama Synth. Textiles - Spinnin...9429.85-1.60-5.09
Bang Overseas Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...224.65-1.30-5.01
Ramgopal Polytex Textiles - Process...15016.15-0.85-5.00
Nu Tek India Ltd. Telecommunications...1745430.95-0.05-5.00
Nitin Fire Protectio Fire Protection Eq...7583.80-0.20-5.00
Vakrangee Computers - Software1016232271.70-14.30-5.00
Surana Telecom and P Cables - Telephone20014.75-0.25-5.00
AI Champdany Industr Jute/Jute Yarn/Jut...53733.25-1.75-5.00
Stampede Capital Finance & Investments550009.55-0.50-4.98
Shah Alloys Steel - Alloys/Spe...487942.15-2.20-4.96
Blue Blends (I) Textiles - Process...99519.25-1.00-4.94
Cimmco Diversified27080.90-4.20-4.94
D B Realty Ltd. Construction & Con...252146.30-2.40-4.93
Sterling Biotech Ltd Pharmaceuticals200001.95-0.10-4.88
Sonata Software Computers - Software1080300.55-15.35-4.86
Dhampur Sugar Sugar3275148.70-7.55-4.83
Excel Realty N Infra Construction & Con...165523.80-1.20-4.80
Precot Meridian Ltd. Textiles - Spinnin...21658.65-2.95-4.79
Kirloskar Elect Electric Equipment...655330.85-1.55-4.78
Refex Industries Industrial Gas128916.95-0.85-4.78
MIC Electronics Ltd. Electronics - Equi...500005.00-0.25-4.76
ISMT Ltd. Steel - Rolling10010.00-0.50-4.76
GVK Power & Infrastr Power - Generation...3328614.00-0.70-4.76
Pincon Spirit Beverages & Distil...139122.05-1.10-4.75
KSK Energy Ventures Power - Generation...28509.05-0.45-4.74
Fineotex Chemical Lt Chemicals - Specia...346559.35-2.95-4.74
Gitanjali Gems Diamond Cutting/Pr...7877510.10-0.50-4.72
ECE Industries Electric Equipment...64302.45-14.90-4.70
SKM Egg Produc Food Processing - ...30485.85-4.20-4.66
Landmark Property De Construction & Con...46504.10-0.20-4.65
Pradip Overseas Textiles - General40002.05-0.10-4.65
Jaypee Infratech Ltd Construction & Con...33489.25-0.45-4.64
Rajshree Sugars Sugar39431.10-1.50-4.60
Alankit Finance & Investments466543.55-2.10-4.60
Vadivarhe Speciality Chemicals - Specia...300089.25-4.30-4.60
Future Lifestyle Retail - Apparel804397.10-19.10-4.59
BLB Ltd. Finance & Investments19675.25-0.25-4.55
LML Ltd. Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers88326.30-0.30-4.55
Bharati Defence Ship - Docks/Break...15005.30-0.25-4.50
Shirpur Gold Refiner Mining/Minerals73132.50-6.25-4.50
Pratibha Industries Infrastructure - G...27476.40-0.30-4.48
Indowind Energy Ltd. Power - Generation...1907.55-0.35-4.43
Viji Finance Finance & Investments115005.40-0.25-4.42
Tantia Constructions Construction & Con...23413.00-0.60-4.41
Triveni Eng.&Ind.Ltd Sugar2216044.80-2.05-4.38
Bharatiya Global Inf Computers - Software7134.40-0.20-4.35
Manaksia Aluminium Aluminium998.80-0.40-4.35
Sunflag Iron Steel - Rolling1319979.35-3.60-4.34
Cinevista L Entertainment/Mult...6818.85-0.40-4.32
TCI Finance Finance & Investments212724.35-1.10-4.32
BGR Energy Systems Engineering - General126102.45-4.60-4.30
Sintex Industrie Textiles - General415718.95-0.85-4.29
W S Industries Electric Equipment...1805.60-0.25-4.27
PBA Infrastructure L Infrastructure - G...21413.45-0.60-4.27
Agarwal Industrial C Transport - Road15379.70-16.90-4.26
Reliance Infrastruct Power - Generation...5150430.40-19.15-4.26
Pudumjee Paper Produ Paper & Paper Prod...15324.95-1.10-4.22
Graphite India Ltd. Electrodes - Graphite5337725.95-31.95-4.22
Goldstone Tech Computers - Software100912.55-0.55-4.20
DCW Ltd. Petrochem - Others23131.95-1.40-4.20
Orient Abrasives Abrasives And Grin...9633.30-1.45-4.17
Lycos Internet Computers - Software17584.60-0.20-4.17
XL Energy Ltd. Telecommunications...73362.30-0.10-4.17
Lasa Supergenerics Chemicals - Specia...552788.60-3.85-4.16
Hisar Metal Indu Steel - General4970.20-3.05-4.16
Mohit Industries Textiles - Process...47730.10-1.30-4.14
Compuage Infocom Ltd Computers - Access...22437.10-1.60-4.13
Bartronics India Ltd Computers - Hardware270010.45-0.45-4.13
TeamLease Service Services - Others32083.15-88.30-4.07
Hind. Dorr Olive Engineering - General15004.75-0.20-4.04
Zenith Birla (India) Steel - Tubes/Pipes152782.40-0.10-4.00
Alps Industries Textiles - General250003.60-0.15-4.00
Jet Airways Transport - Air2944641.90-26.45-3.96
Smartlink Network Computers - Hardware3485.00-3.50-3.95
Karuturi Global Ltd. Miscellaneous1732602.45-0.10-3.92
Shree Rama Multi Packaging - Metali...81711.05-0.45-3.91
Reliance Capital Finance & Investments34983411.15-16.70-3.90
Lakshmi Vilas Ba Finance - Banks - ...210797.55-3.95-3.89
Orient Bell Ceramics/Tiles/San...1028276.75-11.20-3.89
Alpa Laboratories Lt Pharmaceuticals10038.45-1.55-3.87
Jay Bharat Marut Auto Ancl - Others110407.85-16.35-3.85
Bal Pharma Ltd Pharmaceuticals582.45-3.30-3.85
Bhartiya Interna Leather/Synthetic ...198407.60-16.10-3.80
Somi Conveyor Beltin Miscellaneous247.35-1.85-3.76
Autoline Industries Auto Ancl - Engine...3062.90-2.45-3.75
Archidply Industries Decoratives - Wood...12980.90-3.15-3.75
ITD Cementation Indi Construction & Con...741155.60-6.05-3.74
Jindal Stainless Steel - Alloys/Spe...329785.70-3.30-3.71
Bharat Petroleum Refineries7557414.70-15.95-3.70
T Nadu Newsprint Paper & Paper Prod...601341.95-13.05-3.68
Archies Ltd. Printing/Publishin...593331.45-1.20-3.68
Xpro India Ltd. Packaging - Metali...1050.00-1.90-3.66
HCL Infosystem Computers - Hardware1192951.70-1.95-3.63
Mukand Ltd. Steel - Alloys/Spe...8063.70-2.40-3.63
S P Apparels Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...878327.15-12.20-3.60
Sakuma Exports Trading309153.20-5.70-3.59
Rupa & Company L Textiles - Hosiery...559375.80-13.95-3.58
Sarda Energy & Miner Steel - Sponge Iron2767441.10-16.35-3.57
Umang Dairies Ltd. Food Processing - ...125681.35-3.00-3.56
Parenteral Drugs Pharmaceuticals916.35-0.60-3.54
Parsvnath Developers Construction & Con...6415.00-0.55-3.54
Man Infraconstructio Construction & Con...1117650.65-1.85-3.52
T T Ltd. Textiles - Hosiery...4082.30-3.00-3.52
Metkore Alloys & Ind Ferro Alloys12.75-0.10-3.51
Bajaj HindusthanSuga Sugar185339.65-0.35-3.50
Kridhan Infra Infrastructure - G...97100.85-3.65-3.49
Texmo Pipes & Produc Plastics - Pipes/T...10019.35-0.70-3.49
Gokaldas Exports Textiles - Readyma...50385.95-3.10-3.48
Intrasoft Technologi IT Enabled Services203676.45-24.30-3.47
Kavveri Telecom Prod Telecommunications...111.15-0.40-3.46
Texmaco Rail & Engin Engineering - Heavy149682.85-2.95-3.44
India Glycols Chemicals - Organi...721451.35-15.65-3.35
TV Today Network Ltd Entertainment/Mult...2291524.20-18.15-3.35
Shiva Mills Textiles - General8049.10-1.70-3.35
Bharat Electroni Electronics - Equi...7417143.40-4.95-3.34
Aksh Optifibre Cables - Telephone1271031.95-1.10-3.33
Bombay Dyeing Textiles - Process...2928250.05-8.60-3.32
Mastek Li Computers - Software5226560.55-19.25-3.32
Guj. Amb.Exports Edible Oils & Solv...884252.80-8.65-3.31
Rossell India Plantations - Tea ...17095.15-3.25-3.30
Tin Plate Co. Metals - Non Ferro...6123197.65-6.65-3.26
Steel Strips Wheels Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...1241041.75-34.90-3.24
Kokuyo Camlin Diversified20114.10-3.80-3.22
M&M Fin.Services Finance & Investments4226432.60-14.40-3.22
SORIL Infra Resource Retail - Apparel/A...50201.55-6.70-3.22
Som Distilleries Beverages & Distil...142233.10-7.70-3.20
Royal Orchid Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...1899171.30-5.65-3.19
Nelcast Ltd. Castings/Foundry27781.90-2.70-3.19
Reliance Power L Power - Generation...31938.20-1.25-3.17
Mindteck (India) Computers - Software9555.35-1.80-3.15
PremierLtd. Engineering - General823.25-0.75-3.13
Jai Corp Ltd. Steel - GP/GC Sheets14002137.05-4.40-3.11
Orient Green Power C Power - Generation...1709.35-0.30-3.11
RPG Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals2380403.15-12.90-3.10
20 Microns Ltd. Mining/Minerals846.95-1.50-3.10
Dredging Corpora Miscellaneous637625.50-19.90-3.08
Kohinoor Foods Ltd. Commodities - Trad...89464.50-2.05-3.08
Shilpi Cable Technol Cables - Telephone1357.90-0.25-3.07
BF Utilities Ltd. Power - Generation...8399381.00-11.95-3.04
Easun Reyrolle L Electric Equipment...21514.35-0.45-3.04
Aditya Birla Money L Finance & Investments10159.25-1.85-3.03
Spice Mobility L Telecommunications...516.05-0.50-3.02
Setco Automotive Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...1182051.45-1.60-3.02
Andhra Cement Cement79.65-0.30-3.02
Sterling Tools L Fasteners80361.95-11.25-3.01
Ugar Sugar Works Sugar10816.10-0.50-3.01
HOV Services Ltd. IT Enabled Services298244.75-7.60-3.01
STL Global Ltd. Textiles - General211316.15-0.50-3.00
Ind-Swift Laboratori Pharmaceuticals4958.20-1.80-3.00
Triveni Turbine Electric Equipment...151104.00-3.20-2.99
Esab India Welding Equipment ...213761.15-23.40-2.98
Tokyo Plast Inte Domestic Appliance...19394.65-2.90-2.97
Patspin India Textiles - Spinnin...240014.70-0.45-2.97
Electrosteel Cas Castings/Foundry44026.15-0.80-2.97
Mold-Tek Technologi. Packaging - Metali...5050.75-1.55-2.96
Hind. Petrol Refineries4802342.85-10.45-2.96
Hercules Hoists Engineering - General58113.30-3.45-2.96
MBL Infrastructures Construction & Con...17618.15-0.55-2.94
IZMO Computers - Software89794.25-2.85-2.94
Subros Ltd. Auto Ancl - Equipm...1594291.75-8.80-2.93
Ansal Properties & I Construction & Con...830021.55-0.65-2.93
JK Paper Ltd. Paper & Paper Prod...1299136.10-4.10-2.92
Petron Engineeri Engineering - General11189.85-2.70-2.92
Rane Brake Lining Lt Auto Ancl - Susp. ...3958.80-28.75-2.91
Ashapura Min. Lt Mining/Minerals929165.35-1.95-2.90
Mirc Electronics Consumer Goods - E...50545.45-1.35-2.88
Walchandnagar Engineering - Heavy522167.55-4.95-2.87
Thirumalai Chem. Chemicals - Specia...1431785.65-52.70-2.87
Punj Lloyd Construction & Con...2231716.95-0.50-2.87
Shemaroo Entertainme Entertainment/Mult...255469.65-13.85-2.86
Urja Global Project Consultanc...17455.10-0.15-2.86
Neueon Towers Power - Transmissi...20003.40-0.10-2.86
Manaksia Steels Steel80030.65-0.90-2.85
Rural Electrific Finance - Term Len...16126.40-3.70-2.84
Uflex Ltd. Packaging - Metali...95334.55-9.75-2.83
Shriram EPC Ltd. Project Consultanc...200125.75-0.75-2.83
Sun TV Network Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...1830848.25-24.60-2.82
Kiri Industries Dyes & Pigments1263448.05-12.85-2.79
Nitesh Estates Construction & Con...112.35-0.35-2.76
Shoppers Stop Retail - Departmen...3929536.25-15.15-2.75
Welspun Enterprises Construction & Con...439143.75-4.05-2.74
Federal-Mogul Goetze Auto Ancl - Engine...311429.15-12.05-2.73
Lambodhara Texti Textiles - Spinnin...26067.75-1.90-2.73
Nitco Ltd. Ceramics/Tiles/San...4103.70-2.90-2.72
Elecon Engg. Engineering - Heavy66675.10-2.10-2.72
South Indian Ban Finance - Banks - ...1031623.25-0.65-2.72
IL&FS Investment Man Finance & Investments98717.90-0.50-2.72
Sona Koyo Steer. Auto Ancl - Gears ...2606100.35-2.80-2.71
Ausom Enterprise Finance & Investments53366.40-1.85-2.71
Ahluwalia Contra Construction & Con...171375.65-10.45-2.71
Magnum Ventures Ltd. Paper & Paper Prod...589810.80-0.30-2.70
BF Investment Ltd. Finance & Investments2104277.45-7.70-2.70
RPP Infra Projects L Construction & Con...441247.25-6.85-2.70
Time Technoplast Ltd Packaging - Metali...2615160.70-4.45-2.69
Banswara Syntex Textiles - Spinnin...6099.35-2.75-2.69
Ginni Filaments Textiles - Spinnin...129.30-0.80-2.66
GHCL Chemicals - Inorga...3812279.20-7.60-2.65
Bombay Burmah Plantations - Tea ...22341158.00-31.50-2.65
Aries Agro Ltd. Pesticides/Agro Ch...198184.10-5.00-2.64
Career Point Miscellaneous1614105.50-2.85-2.63
Universal Cables Cables - Power/Others1795124.20-3.35-2.63
Birla Corporation Lt Cement130734.35-19.70-2.61
Healthcare Global En Hospitals & Medica...122291.35-7.80-2.61
SBI Finance - Banks - ...23361241.55-6.45-2.60
SE Power Power - Generation...13007.50-0.20-2.60
Himachal F. Comm Telecommunications...2736226.25-0.70-2.60
Soma Textiles Textiles - Composi...13811.35-0.30-2.58
BSEL Infra. Realty Construction & Con...273.80-0.10-2.56
Aptech Ltd. Computers - Softwa...14081288.80-7.60-2.56
Future Consumer Miscellaneous11253.40-1.40-2.55
Vikas Ecotech L Rubber Processing/...60730.75-0.80-2.54
Lypsa Gems & Jewell Diamond Cutting/Pr...46221.20-0.55-2.53
JHS Svendgaard Labor Personal Care80058.00-1.50-2.52
Patel Integrated Log Logistics - Wareho...858.05-1.50-2.52
GMR Infrastructure L Infrastructure - G...1132517.50-0.45-2.51
Kakatiya Cement Suga Cement1624243.30-6.25-2.50
Nelco Ltd Telecommunications...2196153.85-3.95-2.50
Eveready Industr Dry Cells753376.25-9.65-2.50
Den Networks Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...72390.00-2.30-2.49
Power Finance Co Finance - Term Len...236086.80-2.20-2.47
Jindal St & Pwr Steel - Sponge Iron48200224.90-5.70-2.47
C & C Constructions Construction & Con...405349.35-1.25-2.47
Prakash Indus. Diversified9122171.75-4.35-2.47
Bhushan Steel Ltd. Steel - CR/HR Strips1067739.50-1.00-2.47
Jindal Saw Steel - Tubes/Pipes1187120.20-3.00-2.44
Superhouse Ltd. Leather/Synthetic ...203136.50-3.40-2.43
DB Corp Printing/Publishin...272301.20-7.45-2.41
Patel Engg. Ltd. Construction & Con...95064.70-1.60-2.41
Binani Industrie Miscellaneous133193.15-2.30-2.41
Aster DM Healthcare Hospitals & Medica...224170.25-4.20-2.41
Swelect Energy Syste Electric Equipment...5361.75-8.90-2.40
Vipul Ltd. Construction & Con...25061.05-1.50-2.40
Kopran Ltd Pharmaceuticals100059.10-1.45-2.39
Ador Welding Ltd. Welding Equipment ...24385.15-9.35-2.37
Deepak Fertilisers Fertilisers975307.85-7.45-2.36
The New India Assur Finance - Non Life...30676.20-16.35-2.36
Bharat Bijlee Electric Equipment...361458.40-35.25-2.36
Manaksia Coated Meta Aluminium - Sheets...114.50-0.35-2.36
Oricon Enterprises L Packaging - Metali...292649.80-1.20-2.35
Syndicate Bank Finance - Banks - ...922558.15-1.40-2.35
Torrent Power Ltd. Power - Generation...2855231.50-5.55-2.34
Security and Intelli Services - Others11074.30-25.75-2.34
Phillips Carbon Carbon Black7641015.45-24.30-2.34
Emami Infrastructure Construction & Con...258263.70-6.30-2.33
APL Apollo Tubes Steel - Tubes/Pipes41884.60-45.00-2.33
Amtek Auto Ltd. Auto Ancl - Susp. ...1243023.05-0.55-2.33
Apollo Micro Systems Electronics - Equi...650268.90-6.40-2.32
GOCL Corporation Lubricants1509.30-12.05-2.31
Dena Bank Finance - Banks - ...266319.05-0.45-2.31
MindTree Ltd. Computers - Software208772.65-18.25-2.31
Prime Securities Finance & Investments53750.85-1.20-2.31
Wipro Ltd Computers - Software3005288.45-6.80-2.30
Vidhi Specialty Food Dyes & Pigments180.90-1.90-2.29
IL&FS Transportation Transport - Road236064.10-1.50-2.29
MCX Exchanges273743.95-17.40-2.29
Voltamp Transformers Power - Transmissi...561094.15-25.55-2.28
Essel Propack Ltd. Packaging - Metali...12247.05-5.75-2.27
JMT Auto Ltd. Auto Ancl - Gears ...980004.40-0.10-2.22
Electrosteel Steels Steel217002.20-0.05-2.22
Rain Industries Cement696380.25-8.60-2.21
Andhra Bank Finance - Banks - ...712742.05-0.95-2.21
Delta Corp Ltd. Miscellaneous18812293.15-6.55-2.19
PPAP Automotive Plastics - Plastic...4527.55-11.75-2.18
UCO Bank Finance - Banks - ...69922.60-0.50-2.16
Mahindra Logistics L Logistics - Wareho...50482.10-10.65-2.16
Granules India L Pharmaceuticals51473104.75-2.30-2.15
FDC Ltd. Pharmaceuticals357260.35-5.70-2.14
Ajmera Realty & Infr Construction & Con...142245.15-5.35-2.14
McDowell Holdings Lt Finance & Investments11441.60-0.90-2.12
I G Petrochemicals Chemicals - Organi...2676.50-14.60-2.11
VLS Finance L Finance & Investments23070.20-1.50-2.09
Bank of Maharash Finance - Banks - ...576114.10-0.30-2.08
Shanthi Gears Auto Ancl - Gears ...278129.45-2.75-2.08
Nitin Spinners Textiles - Spinnin...152798.90-2.10-2.08
UFO Moviez India Ltd Entertainment/Mult...11380.30-8.05-2.07
Ramco Systems Lt Computers - Software6380.75-8.05-2.07
ICICI Bank Finance - Banks - ...256283.25-5.95-2.06
Jagran Prakashan Printing/Publishin...3647162.95-3.40-2.04
Onward Technolog Computers - Software44491.30-1.90-2.04
IOL Chemicals and Ph Pharmaceuticals9577.05-1.60-2.03
Bedmutha Industries Steel - Wires18916.90-0.35-2.03
Rana Sugars Sugar74274.85-0.10-2.02
Allahabad Bank Finance - Banks - ...169648.50-1.00-2.02
One Point One Soluti IT Enabled Services200075.35-1.55-2.02
Reliance Home Fin Finance - Housing1048260.80-1.25-2.01
Maruti Suzuki India Auto - Cars & Jeeps158696.55-178.10-2.01
KRBL Ltd. Commodities - Trad...212440.15-9.00-2.00
Bhansali Engg.Po Petrochem - Polymers648166.40-3.40-2.00
Morepen Labs.Lt Pharmaceuticals929331.90-0.65-2.00
Tribhovandas Bhimji Diamond Cutting/Pr...44488.35-1.80-2.00
Intellect Design Computers - Software2126167.40-3.40-1.99
Bharat Heavy Ele Engineering - Heavy1209581.40-1.65-1.99
TVS Electronics Computers - Access...888358.65-7.25-1.98
Kesar Enterprise Sugar1547.00-0.95-1.98
Jullundur Motor Auto Ancl - Engine...90220.55-4.45-1.98
Shalby Hospitals & Medica...149202.55-4.05-1.96
Nila Infrastructures Construction & Con...30820.15-0.40-1.95
Mahi. & Mahi Auto - Cars & Jeeps198730.85-14.50-1.95
Aditya Birla Fashion Retail - Apparel357138.85-2.75-1.94
Ruchi Soya Inds. Edible Oils & Solv...76617.70-0.35-1.94
Prism Cement Lim Cement1411114.05-2.25-1.93
Globus Spirits Ltd. Beverages & Distil...4471119.30-2.35-1.93
NIIT Ltd. Computers - Softwa...806688.90-1.75-1.93
AVT Natural Prod Edible Oils & Solv...86038.30-0.75-1.92
Corporation Bank Finance - Banks - ...72630.75-0.60-1.91
NCC Construction & Con...9438119.00-2.30-1.90
VIP Clothing Textiles - Readyma...59057.25-1.10-1.89
Religare Enterprises Finance & Investments120654.65-1.05-1.89
Goldiam Internat Diamond Cutting/Pr...365.25-1.25-1.88
Sasken Technologies Computers - Software72680.15-13.00-1.88
BEML Ltd. Engineering - Heavy28211079.60-20.55-1.87
CMI L Cables - Telephone1221.45-4.20-1.86
UltraTech Cement Cement2273925.15-74.05-1.85
Mangalam Drugs Pharmaceuticals100167.15-3.15-1.85
Cera Sanitaryware L Ceramics/Tiles/San...4513225.35-60.50-1.84
Cambridge Technology Computers - Software500066.65-1.25-1.84
Maithan Alloys Ltd. Ferro Alloys68834.70-15.50-1.82
Guj. Sidhee Ceme Cement2527.05-0.50-1.81
JK Tyre & Industries Tyres & Tubes2247146.35-2.70-1.81
Onelife Capital Adv Finance & Investments2021.70-0.40-1.81
Arvind Ltd. Textiles - Denim2010383.35-7.05-1.81
Vardhman Acrylics Lt Textiles - Manmade...10046.35-0.85-1.80
Jagsonpal Pharma Pharmaceuticals7327.30-0.50-1.80
NIIT Technologies Computers - Software1192932.60-17.05-1.80
Gujarat Narmada Vall Fertilisers13972396.60-7.25-1.80
Snowman Logistics Lt Logistics - Wareho...718646.55-0.85-1.79
Alicon Castalloy Castings/Foundry57574.25-10.45-1.79
Rico Auto Inds. Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...741978.05-1.40-1.76
PNB Housing Finance Finance - Housing3231156.05-20.70-1.76
Camlin Fine Sciences Chemicals - Others101495.10-1.70-1.76
Reliance Ind.Inf Project Consultanc...657439.70-7.75-1.73
Excel Industries Pesticides/Agro Ch...21876.05-15.40-1.73
Sintex Plastics Tech Plastics - Plastic...2218759.80-1.05-1.73
Mahanagar Gas LPG Bottling/Distr...66965.40-16.90-1.72
Deccan Cements Cement10517.50-9.00-1.71
Uniply Industries Decoratives - Wood...200371.65-6.45-1.71
Unichem Labs Pharmaceuticals70334.30-5.80-1.71
Jindal Poly Films Packaging - Metali...3332.15-5.75-1.70
Adani Enterprises Lt Trading1235159.45-2.75-1.70
TV Vision Entertainment/Mult...171514.65-0.25-1.68
HDIL Construction & Con...2216541.05-0.70-1.68
Amber Enterprises Air Conditioners61086.45-18.50-1.67
Coffee Day Enterpris Trading412303.20-5.15-1.67
Lincoln Pharmace Pharmaceuticals215223.75-3.80-1.67
Eris Lifesciences Pharmaceuticals45783.35-13.30-1.67
Star Paper Mills Paper & Paper Prod...1292209.85-3.55-1.66
PSP Projects Construction & Con...33460.50-7.75-1.66
Unitech Ltd. Construction & Con...330495.95-0.10-1.65
Tata Global Beverage Plantations - Tea ...488258.85-4.35-1.65
Quick Heal Technolog Computers - Software514280.30-4.70-1.65
Tata Communications Telecommunications...176627.80-10.50-1.64
MEP Infrastructure Infrastructure - G...138877.75-1.30-1.64
IMP Powers Electric Equipment...2595.90-1.60-1.64
City Union Bank Finance - Banks - ...1327173.90-2.90-1.64
Amara Raja Batt. Auto Ancl - Batteries57778.20-12.95-1.64
Punj. & Sind Ban Finance - Banks - ...78936.25-0.60-1.63
The United Nilgiri Plantations - Tea ...95353.50-5.85-1.63
Tata Metaliks Steel - Pig Iron789728.10-11.95-1.61
Sarla Performance Fi Textiles - Process...113554.85-0.90-1.61
Guj. Fluorochemi Chemicals - Organi...1598771.85-12.65-1.61
Zen Technologies Ltd Computers - Software243116.65-1.90-1.60
Bannari Amman Spinni Textiles - General10245.85-4.00-1.60
Morarjee Textiles Li Textiles - General296540.00-0.65-1.60
Jocil Ltd. Chemicals - Organi...600157.55-2.55-1.59
GNA Axles Auto Ancl - Engine...23431.10-6.95-1.59
Divi's Lab Pharmaceuticals3691068.80-17.15-1.58
TVS Motor Co. Ltd. Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers268606.00-9.60-1.56
OM Metals Infraproje Project Consultanc...261650.50-0.80-1.56
Info Edge (India) Miscellaneous1971247.60-19.75-1.56
JVL Agro Industries Edible Oils & Solv...977422.15-0.35-1.56
Capri Global Capital Finance & Investments182.85-1.30-1.54
Aro Granite Indu Granites/Marbles25057.50-0.90-1.54
Axis Bank Ltd. Finance - Banks - ...183518.20-8.10-1.54
Trigyn Technolog Computers - Software198134.55-2.10-1.54
Timken India Ltd Bearings1713.05-10.95-1.51
Datamatics Global Se Computers - Software160107.55-1.65-1.51
Shyam Century Ferro Ferro Alloys83999.80-0.15-1.51
Vindhya Telelink Cables - Telephone359998.10-15.25-1.50
Dhunseri Petrochem L Petrochem - Others44134.55-2.05-1.50
Adani Ports & Speci Miscellaneous94358.25-5.45-1.50
Kesoram Industri Diversified3178112.10-1.70-1.49
TVS Srichakra Lt Tyres & Tubes1543120.05-47.20-1.49
Persistent Systems Computers - Software1470787.90-11.90-1.49
Williamson Magor Finance & Investments28290.00-1.35-1.48
Essar Shipping Shipping151823.35-0.35-1.48
Castrol India Lubricants18592200.30-3.00-1.48
Balkrishna Ind. Tyres & Tubes6711068.10-15.95-1.47
Manali Petrochem Petrochem - Polymers9833.70-0.50-1.46
Wockhardt Ltd. Pharmaceuticals523731.05-10.80-1.46
Arman Financial Serv Finance & Investments98325.25-4.80-1.45
Polyplex Corpn. Packaging - Metali...37478.70-7.05-1.45
Vadilal Indus. Food Processing - ...75844.95-12.35-1.44
Zodiac Clothing Textiles - Readyma...4161.30-2.35-1.44
Asian Granito India Ceramics/Tiles/San...335453.75-6.60-1.43
Hotel Leela Ven. Hotels, Resorts & ...118717.20-0.25-1.43
Tube Investments Finance & Investments204241.45-3.50-1.43
Atlanta Ltd. Infrastructure - G...132979.60-1.15-1.42
Uttam Galva Steels Steel - GP/GC Sheets321114.00-0.20-1.41
SML Isuzu Ltd. Auto - LCVs/HCVs20749.20-10.70-1.41
Man Industries I Steel - Tubes/Pipes651123.10-1.75-1.40
Ganesh Housing Construction & Con...1428127.65-1.80-1.39
Vijaya Bank Finance - Banks - ...218153.20-0.75-1.39
Ramco Industries Cement Products480234.75-3.30-1.39
Arrow Textiles Ltd. Textiles - General1635.70-0.50-1.38
GSS Infotech Computers - Software651357.20-0.80-1.38
Vaibhav Global Ltd. Diamond Cutting/Pr...6697.10-9.65-1.37
Indian Oil Corp Refineries775170.10-2.35-1.36
Dhunseri Investments Finance & Investments2394.55-5.45-1.36
Blue Star Air Conditioners263759.40-10.45-1.36
Meghmani Organics Lt Pesticides/Agro Ch...588187.60-1.20-1.35
Hind. Copper Metals - Non Ferro...228266.10-0.90-1.34
Bosch Ltd. Auto Ancl - Engine...6817350.20-235.45-1.34
Viceroy Hotels L Hotels, Resorts & ...6814.75-0.20-1.34
Dhunseri Tea & Indus Plantations - Tea ...72284.05-3.85-1.34
Muthoot Finance Finance & Investments103389.20-5.25-1.33
Liberty Shoes Li Leather/Synthetic ...411189.10-2.55-1.33
Century Enka Textiles - Manmade...614304.90-4.10-1.33
Cummins India Lt Engines13732.95-9.85-1.33
Johnson Controls-Hit Air Conditioners5012437.20-32.70-1.32
Future Supply Chain Logistics - Wareho...84686.95-9.10-1.31
Bharat Wire Ropes Lt Steel - Wires100109.70-1.45-1.30
GIC Housing Fi Finance - Housing467363.55-4.80-1.30
Centum Electronics L Electronics - Equi...25501.40-6.60-1.30
Lux Industries Textiles - Readyma...311683.40-22.05-1.29
Jindal Worldwide Textiles - General131806.20-10.45-1.28
Lovable Lingerie Ltd Textiles - Readyma...289185.25-2.40-1.28
Ganesha Ecosphere Textiles - Process...1322.85-4.15-1.27
Shree Rama Newsprint Paper & Paper Prod...2727.35-0.35-1.26
Kirloskar Bros. Pumps576287.50-3.65-1.25
Shriram City Uni Finance & Investments472091.00-26.30-1.24
Gati Ltd. Couriers2490100.00-1.25-1.23
Lupin Ltd. Pharmaceuticals571758.50-9.35-1.22
Bank of India Finance - Banks - ...36474102.35-1.25-1.21
Aurobindo Pharma Pharmaceuticals2194557.40-6.80-1.21
Oriental Bank of Finance - Banks - ...522894.50-1.15-1.20
Union Bank of In Finance - Banks - ...1454294.70-1.15-1.20
Seshasayee Paper Paper & Paper Prod...25842.90-10.20-1.20
SBI Life Insurance Finance - Life Ins...69664.90-8.00-1.19
Mahindra Lifespace D Construction & Con...116425.40-5.10-1.18
Canara Bank Finance - Banks - ...10194254.65-3.05-1.18
KCP Ltd. Cement232113.25-1.35-1.18
Atul Ltd. Dyes & Pigments52600.55-30.90-1.17
Great Eastern Shipping33341.00-4.05-1.17
CG Power and Indust Electric Equipment...242776.15-0.90-1.17
Greenply Industr Decoratives - Wood...670330.55-3.90-1.17
Sical Logistics Logistics - Wareho...201218.85-2.55-1.15
Dr. Lal Pathlabs Ltd Hospitals & Medica...65870.60-10.10-1.15
Cochin Shipyard Ship - Docks/Break...15002498.30-5.75-1.14
Nath Bio-Genes Seeds/Tissue Cultu...275414.90-4.75-1.13
Power Mech Projects Project Consultanc...81849.65-9.70-1.13
L&T Technology Serv Engineering - General1301185.30-13.35-1.11
Jayshree Tea Plantations - Tea ...59393.95-1.05-1.11
Panacea Biotec L Pharmaceuticals672273.55-3.05-1.10
Usher Agro Ltd. Food Processing - ...20904.50-0.05-1.10
V-Guard Ind.Ltd. Electric Equipment...2290221.50-2.45-1.09
Apollo Tyres Tyres & Tubes928260.20-2.85-1.08
Sambhaav Media Ltd. Printing/Publishin...10009.15-0.10-1.08
Alkali Metals Ltd. Chemicals - Specia...2673.30-0.80-1.08
Sagar Cements Cement10880.05-9.60-1.08
Sandesh Printing/Publishin...11000.65-10.90-1.08
Punj. NationlBak Finance - Banks - ...6735496.55-1.05-1.08
Indraprastha Gas Ltd Industrial Gas125291.25-3.10-1.05
Deepak Nitrite Chemicals - Inorga...265253.05-2.65-1.04
Alchemist Diversified5009.55-0.10-1.04
Repco Home Finance L Finance - Housing217552.25-5.75-1.03
GlaxoSmithKlineConsu Food Processing - ...46426.10-66.70-1.03
Take Solutions Ltd. Computers - Software523155.80-1.60-1.02
Sathavahana Ispa Steel - Pig Iron4919.50-0.20-1.02
L&T Diversified22221296.25-13.10-1.00
Ucal Fuel System Auto Ancl - Engine...45250.75-2.50-0.99
Damodar Industries Textiles - Spinnin...80131.55-1.30-0.98
SQS India BFSI Computers - Software37486.80-4.80-0.98
ICICI Pru Life Finance - Life Ins...278378.05-3.70-0.97
Swaraj Engines Engines71957.25-19.05-0.96
India Motor Part Trading531047.20-10.15-0.96
Balmer Lawrie & Diversified1524217.00-2.10-0.96
VRL Logistics Ltd. Logistics - Wareho...10384.95-3.70-0.95
KPR Mill Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...123646.75-6.20-0.95
Atul Auto Ltd Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers217432.50-4.10-0.94
KM Sugar Mills Sugar64210.55-0.10-0.94
Tata Coffee Ltd. Plantations - Tea ...12116.90-1.10-0.93
Orient Cement Ltd. Cement600138.35-1.30-0.93
KNR Constructions Construction & Con...509292.55-2.70-0.91
Kansai Nerolac Paint Paints/Varnishes8475.30-4.35-0.91
Tourism Finance Finance - Term Len...671153.40-1.40-0.90
Tata Consultancy Computers - Software38532831.35-25.40-0.89
Phoenix Mills Construction & Con...118602.05-5.40-0.89
Dhanlaxmi Bank Finance - Banks - ...289922.40-0.20-0.88
Visaka Indus. Cement Products13667.60-5.95-0.88
Marico Ltd. Personal Care1825322.95-2.85-0.87
NRB Bearings Lim Bearings198153.60-1.35-0.87
Gabriel India Auto Ancl - Shock ...403137.30-1.20-0.87
Fortis Healthcare Hospitals & Medica...23081154.60-1.35-0.87
Navin Fluorine Inter Chemicals - Others78762.75-6.55-0.85
JSW Steel Steel5494286.00-2.40-0.83
YES Bank Ltd. Finance - Banks - ...7924298.25-2.50-0.83
Siyaram Silk Textiles - Weaving20627.85-5.20-0.82
Siemens Ltd. Instrumentation & ...101095.55-9.00-0.81
Page Industries Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...17920641.70-169.35-0.81
Abbott India Ltd. Pharmaceuticals1675405.60-43.95-0.81
Thomas Cook (I) Travel Agen. / Tou...11268.40-2.15-0.79
Megasoft Ltd. Computers - Software14512.50-0.10-0.79
Panama Petrochem Chemicals - Specia...629189.60-1.50-0.78
Coromandel Internati Fertilisers333520.10-4.10-0.78
GSFC Fertilisers500120.80-0.95-0.78
Chennai Petro. Refineries6448338.35-2.65-0.78
Engineers India Project Consultanc...804154.05-1.20-0.77
Power Grid Corpo Power - Transmissi...5659192.70-1.50-0.77
PC Jeweller L Diamond Cutting/Pr...3192341.55-2.65-0.77
J Kumar Infraproject Construction & Con...856295.70-2.25-0.76
Mangalore Refine Refineries2577111.85-0.85-0.75
Plastiblends Ind Plastics - Plastic...101199.10-1.50-0.75
Bombay Rayon Fashion Textiles - General1147.70-0.35-0.73
HCL Technologies Computers - Software1557930.55-6.80-0.73
Hikal Ltd. Pharmaceuticals158206.15-1.50-0.72
PNC Infratech Construction & Con...561159.05-1.15-0.72
Kothari Products Pan Masala/Tobacco...7147.60-1.05-0.71
Kirloskar Oil Engine Engines269339.85-2.40-0.70
Symphony Domestic Appliance...1171724.80-12.15-0.70
Ambuja Cements Ltd. Cement1655228.25-1.60-0.70
WABCO India Auto Ancl - Susp. ...397337.95-51.40-0.70
TIL Ltd. Trading167439.15-3.05-0.69
Techno Electric & En Engineering - Heavy305375.10-2.60-0.69
TTK Prestige L Domestic Appliance...256245.95-41.70-0.66
Omaxe Ltd. Construction & Con...600225.25-1.50-0.66
InterGlobe Aviation Transport - Air971258.70-8.35-0.66
HG Infra Engineering Construction & Con...3823295.40-1.95-0.66
Cadila Healthcar Pharmaceuticals345377.30-2.45-0.65
Future Enterprises Retail - Apparel/A...694938.70-0.25-0.64
Apar Industries Electric Equipment...39743.40-4.75-0.63
Newgen Software Tech Computers - Software1096229.05-1.40-0.61
Jubilant Life Scienc Pharmaceuticals1382795.25-4.85-0.61
Bajaj Auto Ltd. Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers122834.95-16.85-0.59
Laurus Labs Pharmaceuticals352507.65-3.00-0.59
Max Ventures and Ind Packaging - Metali...176167.75-0.40-0.59
MarathonNextgenRea Construction & Con...46407.80-2.40-0.59
McNally Bharat E Engineering - General3059.65-0.35-0.58
Havells India Electric Equipment...954495.90-2.90-0.58
Bharti Infratel Ltd. Infrastructure - G...4994335.20-1.95-0.58
ACC Cement4371549.40-9.00-0.58
PetronetLNG Petrochem - Others594234.15-1.35-0.57
Lumax Inds. Auto Ancl - Equipm...52198.25-12.55-0.57
Jyoti Structures Power - Transmissi...4528.90-0.05-0.56
Coal India Ltd. Mining/Minerals1946269.40-1.50-0.55
BayerCropscience Pesticides/Agro Ch...1174137.40-22.55-0.54
Indian Bank Finance - Banks - ...823289.20-1.55-0.53
Tejas Networks Telecommunications...3727364.80-1.95-0.53
Infosys Computers - Software10051161.30-6.20-0.53
Bajaj Finance L Finance & Investments2041695.60-8.95-0.53
GRUH Finance Li Finance - Housing716547.35-2.85-0.52
Allied Digital Servi Computers - Software1919.70-0.10-0.51
ADF Foods Ltd. Food Processing - ...3087212.35-1.05-0.49
Clariant Chemicals ( Dyes & Pigments30540.50-2.65-0.49
Dewan Housing Finance - Housing24141517.70-2.50-0.48
Bank of Baroda Finance - Banks - ...3579134.95-0.65-0.48
GTPL Hathway Entertainment/Mult...100135.10-0.65-0.48
Gayatri Projects Construction & Con...694188.95-0.90-0.47
INEOS Styrolution Petrochem - Polymers4847.80-4.00-0.47
Pennar Industrie Steel - CR/HR Strips77553.60-0.25-0.46
Neuland Laborat Pharmaceuticals67712.75-3.30-0.46
Rushil Decor Ltd. Laminates1801.80-3.70-0.46
NRB Industrial Beari Bearings47922.00-0.10-0.45
Pearl Global Industr Textiles - Readyma...38110.50-0.50-0.45
Everest Kanto Cylind Packaging - Metali...63744.85-0.20-0.44
GlaxoSmithKline Phar Pharmaceuticals4762215.05-9.45-0.42
Simplex Infrastructu Construction & Con...286475.75-2.00-0.42
Amrutanjan Health Ca Pharmaceuticals118545.90-2.25-0.41
Shakti Pumps (In Pumps21535.30-2.20-0.41
Sicagen India Trading1336.60-0.15-0.41
Brooks Laboratories Pharmaceuticals6886.05-0.35-0.41
Remsons Industri Auto Ancl - Susp. ...37874.35-0.30-0.40
Firstsource Solution IT Enabled Services2279349.85-0.20-0.40
Century Textiles Diversified2751149.90-4.60-0.40
Kothari Sugar Sugar111112.70-0.05-0.39
GTN Industries Textiles - Spinnin...10012.90-0.05-0.39
Dev Information Tech Computers - Software300079.30-0.30-0.38
Capacit'e Infraproje Construction & Con...15300.75-1.10-0.36
Transformers & Recti Power - Transmissi...444327.70-0.10-0.36
Zuari Global Construction & Con...2231182.90-0.65-0.35
Flexituff Internatio Packaging - Metali...110057.40-0.20-0.35
Taj GVK Hotels & Res Hotels, Resorts & ...796160.00-0.55-0.34
Radico Khaitan Ltd. Beverages & Distil...961341.90-1.15-0.34
Oracle Financial Ser Computers - Software1483816.05-12.70-0.33
Skipper Ltd. Engineering - General678228.20-0.75-0.33
V Mart Retail Retail - Departmen...2041888.35-5.80-0.31
Tanla Solutions Computers - Software4833.00-0.10-0.30
HUDCO Finance - Term Len...56967.15-0.20-0.30
Supreme Inds. Plastics - Plastic...11179.80-3.40-0.29
Global Vectra Helico Transport - Air223126.00-0.35-0.28
Ingersoll Rand Compressors5687.55-1.90-0.28
FIEM Industries Auto Ancl - Equipm...2833.35-2.20-0.26
Indian Energy Exchan Exchanges91460.65-3.80-0.26
Aarti Drugs Ltd Pharmaceuticals4526.05-1.35-0.26
Ashapura Intimates F Textiles - Readyma...94450.10-1.15-0.25
Kalyani Investment Finance & Investments132370.05-6.00-0.25
SRF Ltd. Textiles - Manmade...171942.10-4.60-0.24
Tata Steel Steel10234580.90-1.35-0.23
Bajaj Finserv Ltd. Finance & Investments2595119.85-11.65-0.23
Sreeleathers Ltd. Leather/Synthetic ...46230.05-0.50-0.22
Apex Frozen Foods Food Processing - ...1312639.60-1.15-0.18
BASF India Lt Chemicals - Organi...41981.90-3.50-0.18
Tata Elxsi Ltd. Computers - Software1003992.25-1.70-0.17
Godrej Properties Lt Construction & Con...200738.45-1.25-0.17
Minda Industries Auto Ancl - Electr...231049.90-1.75-0.17
Reliance NipLifeAML Finance - Mutual F...12253.45-0.40-0.16
Finolex Industri Petrochem - Polymers434672.05-1.05-0.16
V2 Retail Retail - Apparel/A...1049424.55-0.60-0.14
Venus Remedies L Pharmaceuticals185574.20-0.10-0.13
Capital First Finance & Investments631634.85-0.85-0.13
Alembic Pharmaceutic Pharmaceuticals30541.70-0.65-0.12
Federal Bank Finance - Banks - ...391590.85-0.10-0.11
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Finance - Banks - ...166158.35-0.05-0.09
Honeywell Automation Instrumentation & ...315173.00-12.65-0.08
Alphageo (India) Oil Drilling And E...1745.50-0.60-0.08
Glenmark Pharma Pharmaceuticals1530544.85-0.25-0.05
Biocon Pharmaceuticals847579.90-0.25-0.04
Schneider Electric Electric Equipment...655117.00-0.05-0.04
Crisil Services - Others21951.55-0.80-0.04
Puravankara Construction & Con...428142.20-0.05-0.04
Prataap Snacks Food Processing - ...231300.55-0.40-0.03
Piramal Enterprises Pharmaceuticals2152477.70-0.050.00
Regency Ceramics Ceramics/Tiles/San...985.000.000.00
Goenka Diamond & Jew Diamond Cutting/Pr...171350.600.000.00
Lloyds Steels Ind. Steel231.350.000.00
Shekhawati Poly Yarn Textiles - Process...1250000.450.000.00
Raj Rayon Industries Textiles - Process...1250000.400.000.00
SEL Manufacturing Co Textiles - General84942.100.000.00
Mirza International Leather/Synthetic ...783114.350.000.00
KSS L Entertainment/Mult...1347220.200.000.00
SRS Ltd. Diamond Cutting/Pr...93521.000.000.00
Godrej Agrovet L Food Processing - ...63643.550.100.02
Merck Ltd. Pharmaceuticals431510.450.350.02
Music Broadcast Entertainment/Mult...310380.200.100.03
Tata Investment Finance & Investments462733.550.350.05
Tata Power Co. Power - Generation...74480.000.050.06
Emami Ltd. Personal Care4591056.850.750.07
JK Cement Cement11014.900.800.08
PI Industries Pesticides/Agro Ch...2211823.250.700.09
Heritage Foods Food Processing - ...1175727.650.650.09
DCB Bank Finance - Banks - ...1090163.300.150.09
PVR Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...1031233.401.150.09
MT Educare Ltd. Education - Coachi...52070.300.100.14
Hathway Cable & Data Entertainment/Mult...164134.900.050.14
Caplin Point Lab Pharmaceuticals155569.300.850.15
Harita Seating Syst. Auto Ancl - Others25992.701.600.16
Eicher Motors Auto - LCVs/HCVs13828030.5049.650.18
Kotak Mahindra Bank Finance - Banks - ...27271053.051.950.19
Future Retail L Retail - Departmen...4535.801.050.20
Hindustan Media Vent Printing/Publishin...9224.600.450.20
Sundaram Finance Finance & Investments4331604.553.400.21
Ruby Mills Textiles - Composi...82300.900.650.22
Colgate Palm. Personal Care331045.202.300.22
Precision Wires Metals - Non Ferro...400266.600.600.23
Exide Inds. Auto Ancl - Batteries1971217.400.500.23
NCL Industries Cement1212222.350.550.25
SMS Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals14676.050.200.26
Rama Steel Tubes Ltd Steel - Tubes/Pipes10189.150.500.27
GRP L Rubber Processing/...61209.853.200.27
Chambal Fertilis Fertilisers27170.050.450.27
IRB Infrastructure Construction & Con...184218.600.600.28
NBCC (India) Construction & Con...1354196.700.550.28
Sakthi Sugars Sugar4617.550.050.29
Rajesh Exports L Diamond Cutting/Pr...132728.702.100.29
8K Miles Software Computers - Software250692.452.000.29
Zota Healthcare Pharmaceuticals500207.300.600.29
Asian Paints Ltd. Paints/Varnishes4101107.103.550.32
Akzo Nobel India Ltd Paints/Varnishes321769.205.900.33
NTPC Power - Generation...66170.950.600.35
CESC Ltd. Power - Generation...726883.653.450.39
Standard Chartered P Finance - Banks - ...1262.650.250.40
Cupid Ltd. Contraceptives151262.251.100.42
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd Pesticides/Agro Ch...35570.652.450.43
Hind. Zinc Metals - Non Ferro...1154312.751.350.43
Eon Electric Electric Equipment...17479.800.350.44
Crest Ventures Finance - Housing547193.050.850.44
Natco Pharma Pharmaceuticals835785.603.550.45
Wonderla Holidays Lt Travel Agen. / Tou...16342.551.550.45
Vivimed Labs Pharmaceuticals103776.600.350.46
Indian Hotels Co Hotels, Resorts & ...21504129.250.600.47
HDFC Bank Finance - Banks - ...56521867.758.850.48
Sangam India Ltd Textiles - Spinnin...3131.600.650.50
Dishman Carbogen Amc Pharmaceuticals38305.451.550.51
Godrej Industries Lt Personal Care148528.352.800.53
KEI Industries Cables - Power/Others1424369.302.000.54
Sundaram Clayton Auto Ancl - Susp. ...494888.7029.100.60
SITI Networks Entertainment/Mult...570015.700.100.64
Vishnu Chemicals Chemicals - Inorga...46279.451.850.67
MothersonSumiSystems Auto Ancl - Electr...854310.952.100.68
Zee Learn Ltd. Education - Coachi...2536.950.250.68
Godrej Consumer Prod Personal Care1721084.057.500.70
Kalpataru Power Power - Transmissi...1329457.303.200.70
LIC Housing Fi Finance - Housing2134525.253.700.71
Dilip Buildcon Ltd. Construction & Con...155981.756.950.71
Equitas Holdings Ltd Finance & Investments563141.401.050.75
Vardhman Textiles Lt Textiles - Spinnin...11259.259.450.76
Bajaj Corp Ltd. Personal Care6458.603.450.76
GAIL (India) Ltd. Oil Drilling And E...1055438.403.350.77
Sun Pharma. Pharmaceuticals19508.403.900.77
Bharat Road Network Construction & Con...40181.701.400.78
Gujarat Gas LPG Bottling/Distr...54833.006.450.78
Mas Financial Servic Finance & Investments35565.604.550.81
Max Financial Servic Finance & Investments219439.153.650.84
Sanofi India Pharmaceuticals11915119.0044.150.87
Sadbhav Engineering Construction & Con...57380.753.350.89
GKW L Fasteners160565.055.050.90
Carborundum Uni. Abrasives And Grin...2344.253.150.92
Jamna Auto Inds. Auto Ancl - Susp. ...817680.050.750.95
IFGL Refractories Refractories270270.552.600.97
Endurance Technologi Auto Ancl - Others511194.9011.500.97
Hindalco Indus. Aluminium21438216.802.100.98
Adani Transmission L Power - Transmissi...1622200.751.950.98
IDBI Bank Ltd. Finance - Banks - ...16588576.650.750.99
Simbhaoli Sugars Sugar70315.300.150.99
Astral Poly Technik Plastics - Pipes/T...667842.308.301.00
Kaya L Personal Care9631036.9510.301.00
MTNL Telecommunications...199619.950.201.01
Syncom Healthcare Lt Pharmaceuticals13534.950.051.02
Sanghvi Movers L Engineering - Heavy194183.101.851.02
Sanghi Industrie Cement Products60114.801.201.06
GE T&D India Power - Transmissi...391384.654.201.10
Guj. Alkalie & C Chemicals - Inorga...23705.157.951.14
GujaratStatePetronet Petrochem - Others57180.102.051.15
Aditya Birla Capital Finance & Investments698147.251.701.17
Satin Creditcare Finance & Investments19379.054.401.17
HDFC Standard Life Finance - Life Ins...529427.505.001.18
Garden Silk Mill Textiles - Weaving333.650.401.20
PDS Multi. Fashions Textiles - General209299.703.751.27
Cyient Ltd. Computers - Software74659.608.401.29
EIH Associated Hotels, Resorts & ...140493.506.301.29
Balaji Telefilms Ltd Entertainment/Mult...291129.551.701.33
ITI Telecommunications...12698118.651.701.45
Selan Exploratio Oil Drilling And E...501192.052.901.53
Arvind SmartSpaces Infrastructure - G...10183.952.951.63
Karma Energy Power - Generation...1332.000.551.75
Titan Company Watches66887.5515.301.75
Arihant Superstructu Construction & Con...1102118.902.051.75
Huhtamaki PPL Packaging - Metali...21310.905.401.77
Central Bank Finance - Banks - ...3595075.501.351.82
Himatsingka Seid Textiles - Synthet...273345.056.401.89
Dish TV India Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...467.251.251.89
Inox Leisure Entertainment/Mult...216263.904.951.91
Gravita India Ltd. Metals - Non Ferro...1293159.253.001.92
Greenlam Industries Laminates131101.4021.101.95
Va Tech Wabag Ltd. Engineering - General111492.559.852.04
Seamec Ltd. Shipping300189.803.802.04
Aban Offshore Oil Drilling And E...11315164.553.302.05
Sunteck Realty Ltd. Construction & Con...41414.708.402.07
Praxis Home Retail L Retail - Departmen...51186.903.852.10
Goldstone Infratech Telecommunications...339186.903.852.10
Salora Intl. Consumer Goods - E...20138.800.802.11
Vedanta Mining/Minerals45971291.806.052.12
JK Lakshmi Cement L Cement206444.709.352.15
Kaveri Seed Company Seeds/Tissue Cultu...157485.3510.452.20
IDFC L Finance - Term Len...1468151.001.102.20
Mukta Arts Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...21064.851.402.21
Sundaram Fasten. Auto Ancl - Engine...3205576.3513.252.35
Uniphos Enterprises Trading8386.152.152.56
Sudarshan Chem. Dyes & Pigments76420.0510.602.59
Bliss GVS Pharma Pharmaceuticals12201.355.152.62
GIR Natureview Hotels, Resorts & ...5000108.752.952.79
Majesco L Computers - Software344504.0013.752.80
Elgi Rubber Co. Rubber Processing/...10040.251.102.81
Dolphin Offshore Ent Oil Drilling And E...429884.552.402.92
Jubilant Foodworks L Food Processing - ...19572275.0067.653.06
Lakshmi Finance Finance & Investments9092.053.003.37
Future Market Net Construction & Con...3882130.955.354.26
SAB Events & Governa Entertainment/Mult...16310.450.454.50
The Western India Decoratives - Wood...12651.302.404.91
Hind. Oil Explor Oil Drilling And E...12818114.955.655.17
Astec Lifesciences L Pesticides/Agro Ch...374577.4532.655.99
Neulands Global Ind Domestic Appliance...990000.800.056.67
National Alumini Aluminium4968369.204.356.71
Jindal Drilling Oil Drilling And E...1213165.2013.859.15
Shreyans Inds. Paper & Paper Prod...17130151.8013.459.72
Responsive Industrie Plastics - Plastic...50041.704.0510.76

FMC unique member code - MCX : MCX/TCM/CORP/1033 NCDEX MEMBER ID:00884 FMC unique member code - NCDEX : NCDEX/TCM/CORP/0854
DP ID No. : 12052700   DP Sebi Reg.No.IN-DP-CDSL-432-2007

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