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Board Meetings

You can view Board Meetings of various Companies with their Meeting Date and Purpose.
Company NameDatePurpose
IMC Finance Ltd. 28-09-2018A.G.M.
Acrysil Ltd. 27-09-2018Others
Alpine Hous.Dev. 27-09-2018Bonus issue
Nalin Lease Fina 26-09-2018Amalgamation
Darshan Orna 24-09-2018Allotment of Bonus shares
Sadhana Nitro 24-09-2018Stock Split
Emami Paper Mill 21-09-2018To consider raising of funds
Mudit Finlease L 21-09-2018Voluntary Delisting of Shares
Palred Technologies 21-09-2018Others
Sarda Energy & Miner 21-09-2018Employees Stock Option Plan
Gufic BioSciences Lt 20-09-2018Scheme of Amalgamation
Jigar Cables 20-09-2018Others
Goenka Business 19-09-2018Others
Guj. Borosil Ltd 18-09-2018Others
Vyapar Industries 18-09-2018Others
AtlasCycles(Haryana) 17-09-2018Audited Results & Dividend
Euro Leder Fash 17-09-2018Others
Hind. Wires 17-09-2018A.G.M.
Madhav Marbles & Gra 17-09-2018Others
OFS Technologies Ltd 17-09-2018Bonus issue
Oriental Veneer 17-09-2018Stock Split
Redington (India) Lt 17-09-2018Buy Back of Shares
Tuticorin Alk. 17-09-2018Preferential Issue of shares
Adi Rasayan Limi 14-09-2018Preferential Issue of shares
Astec Lifesciences L 14-09-2018Amalgamation
BF Investment Ltd. 14-09-2018Quarterly Results
Godrej Agrovet L 14-09-2018Scheme of Amalgamation
IKF Technologies 14-09-2018Others
Kwality 14-09-2018Quarterly Results
MFL India 14-09-2018Others
Rural Electrific 14-09-2018Quarterly Results
Sakuma Exports 14-09-2018Stock Split
Standard Shoe Sole 14-09-2018Others
Kiran Vyapar 13-09-2018Quarterly Results
5Paisa Capital 12-09-2018Rights Issue
Apunka Invest Comm. 12-09-2018Preferential Issue of shares
Banas Finance Lt 12-09-2018Quarterly Results
Pilani Investmen 12-09-2018Quarterly Results
Syndicate Bank 12-09-2018To consider raising of funds
Tourism Finance 12-09-2018Quarterly Results
Power Finance Co 11-09-2018Quarterly Results
Pratibha Industries 11-09-2018Audited Results
Devki Leasing & 10-09-2018Quarterly Results
Ind. Inv Trust 10-09-2018Quarterly Results
Reliance Home Fin 10-09-2018Quarterly Results
Rudra Global Infra P 10-09-2018Quarterly Results
AK Capital Services 08-09-2018Quarterly Results
Capri Global Capital 08-09-2018Quarterly Results
Guj. Toolroom Lt 08-09-2018Others
IFCI Ltd. 08-09-2018Quarterly Results
MothersonSumiSystems 07-09-2018Bonus issue
Rajnish Wellness 07-09-2018Others
Riddhi Corp. Service 07-09-2018Dividend
Sical Logistics 07-09-2018Preferential Issue of shares
Skyline Ventures 07-09-2018To consider raising of funds
Beta Drugs 06-09-2018Other business matters
Radford Global 06-09-2018A.G.M.
Reliable Data Servic 06-09-2018Other business matters
Religare Enterprises 06-09-2018Quarterly Results
General Ins. Corp. 05-09-2018Other business matters
HUDCO 05-09-2018Quarterly Results
Sanwaria Consumer 05-09-2018Dividend
SREI Infrastructure 05-09-2018Quarterly Results
Varroc Engineering 05-09-2018Quarterly Results
Ceinsys Tech 04-09-2018Final Dividend & A.G.M.
CES L 04-09-2018Bonus issue
Chemtech Industrial 04-09-2018A.G.M.
CMM Infraprojects 04-09-2018Other business matters
Dr. Lalchandani Labs 04-09-2018Others
Easun Reyrolle L 04-09-2018Quarterly Results
Kalyani Investment 04-09-2018Quarterly Results
Leena Consultancy Lt 04-09-2018A.G.M.
Mittal Life Style 04-09-2018Other business matters
Muthoot Finance 04-09-2018Quarterly Results
Precious Trading & I 04-09-2018Audited Results
Shanti Overseas (Ind 04-09-2018Other business matters
Shree Ram Proteins 04-09-2018Others
Tivoli Construct 04-09-2018A.G.M.
Trans Financial 04-09-2018Preferential Issue of shares
Abhishek Corporation 03-09-2018Audited Results
Ace Men Engg Works 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Agrimony Commodities 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Agro Phos India 03-09-2018Other business matters
DJS Stock & Shar 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Inditalia Refcon 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Ken Financial Se 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Lakhotia Polyesters 03-09-2018Quarterly Results
Modern Converters 03-09-2018A.G.M. & Others
Monarch Networth Cap 03-09-2018A.G.M.
MSR India 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Perfect Infraenginee 03-09-2018Other business matters
Provestment Services 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Shreeshay Engineers 03-09-2018A.G.M. & Others
Somi Conveyor Beltin 03-09-2018Other business matters
Sonal Mercantile 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Soni Soya Products 03-09-2018Other business matters
Sowbhagya Media Ltd. 03-09-2018A.G.M.
Sri KPR Industries 03-09-2018Final Dividend
Alpine Hous.Dev. 01-09-2018Bonus issue & Others
Cadsys (India) Ltd. 01-09-2018Other business matters
Debock Sales & Mktg 01-09-2018Audited Results
GIC Housing Fi 01-09-2018Unaudited Financial Results
Grovy India 01-09-2018Final Dividend
Gujarat Hy-Spin 01-09-2018Audited Results
Maestros Electronics 01-09-2018Preferential Issue of shares
Man Infraconstructio 01-09-2018Interim Dividend
Rathi Steel & Power 01-09-2018Others
Shashijit Infraproje 01-09-2018Bonus issue & A.G.M.
Shri Ram Switchgears 01-09-2018Other business matters
Titan Biotech Ltd. 01-09-2018Preferential Issue of shares
Unimode Overseas 01-09-2018Consolidation of Shares
Vaswani Industries L 01-09-2018Other business matters
Vishvprabha Trading 01-09-2018A.G.M.
Accord Synergy 31-08-2018Other Business Matters
Adroit Infotech 31-08-2018A.G.M.
Arihant Institute 31-08-2018Audited Results
Chothani L 31-08-2018A.G.M.
Chromatic India 31-08-2018Other business matters
Frontier Capital 31-08-2018A.G.M.
Ganesh Holding 31-08-2018A.G.M.
H K Trade Internatio 31-08-2018A.G.M.
Hilton Metal Forging 31-08-2018Fund Raising
IDBI Bank Ltd. 31-08-2018Preferential Issue of shares
J B Chemicals & Phar 31-08-2018Buy Back of Shares
Jaiprakash Power Ven 31-08-2018Other business matters
Kama Holdings Ltd. 31-08-2018Interim Dividend
KDJ Holidayscapes 31-08-2018Quarterly Results
Kilitch Drugs(I) 31-08-2018Others
Lokesh Machines 31-08-2018A.G.M.
Manav Infra Projects 31-08-2018Other business matters
Marvel Decor 31-08-2018Other business matters
Matra Realty Ltd. 31-08-2018A.G.M.
MMP Industries Ltd. 31-08-2018Others
Noble Polymers 31-08-2018Dividend, A.G.M. & RoC
Opto Circuits India 31-08-2018Preferential Issue of shares & A.G.M.
Parab Infra 31-08-2018A.G.M.
RKEC Projects 31-08-2018Other business matters
Rudrabhishek Enterpr 31-08-2018Audited Results, Dividend & Others
Sai Baba Investment 31-08-2018Audited Results
Sand Plast India 31-08-2018Others
Servotech Power Syst 31-08-2018Other business matters
SoftTech Engineers 31-08-2018Audited Results & Dividend
SORIL Infra Resource 31-08-2018Preferential Issue of shares & A.G.M.
Transwind Infrastruc 31-08-2018Others
Viji Finance 31-08-2018Consolidation of Shares & A.G.M.
Yogya Enterprises 31-08-2018A.G.M.
A and M Jumbo Bags L 30-08-2018Others
Agarwal Industrial C 30-08-2018Other business matters
AGI Infra Ltd. 30-08-2018A.G.M.
Ajel Ltd. 30-08-2018A.G.M.
Anik Industries 30-08-2018Other business matters
Benara Bearings 30-08-2018A.G.M.
Captain Polyplast L 30-08-2018Stock Split
Finkurve Financial S 30-08-2018A.G.M. & ESOP
Jalan Transolutions 30-08-2018Other business matters
K P Energy Ltd. 30-08-2018A.G.M. & Others
Latteys Industries 30-08-2018Audited Results
LG Balakrishnan&Bros 30-08-2018Other business matters
Marg Ltd. 30-08-2018A.G.M.
Oriental Bank of 30-08-2018Fund Raising
Racl Geartech 30-08-2018Preferential Issue & A.G.M.
Sagardeep Alloys 30-08-2018Other business matters
SKS Textiles 30-08-2018Other business matters
SS Infrastructure 30-08-2018Dividend & Others
Suncare Traders 30-08-2018Bonus issue
SVP Housing 30-08-2018A.G.M.
Sysco Industries Ltd 30-08-2018Audited Results
Vantage Knowledge 30-08-2018A.G.M.
Amtek Auto Ltd. 29-08-2018Quarterly Results
Anant Raj Ltd. 29-08-2018Quarterly Results & Others
AtlasCycles(Haryana) 29-08-2018Un-audited Financial Results
Bartronics India Ltd 29-08-2018Other business matters
Dev Information Tech 29-08-2018Others
Electrosteel Steels 29-08-2018Audited Results
Felix Industries 29-08-2018Other business matters
Hathway Cable & Data 29-08-2018Other business matters
Khaitan Electric 29-08-2018A.G.M.
M R Organisation 29-08-2018Other business matters
Marvel Vinyls Li 29-08-2018Others
Nahar Capital & Fina 29-08-2018Quarterly Results
Neueon Towers 29-08-2018Other business matters
Neulands Global Ind 29-08-2018Other business matters
Penta Gold 29-08-2018Audited Results
Prajay Engineers 29-08-2018Fund Raising
PTC India Financial 29-08-2018Quarterly Results
Reliance Infrastruct 29-08-2018Other business matters
RTS Power Corpor 29-08-2018Preferential Issue & A.G.M.
Splendid Metal Produ 29-08-2018Others
Ucal Fuel System 29-08-2018Others
Unitech Ltd. 29-08-2018Quarterly Results
Virinchi L 29-08-2018Preferential Issueof shares & A.G.M.
Alok Industries Ltd. 28-08-2018Quarterly Results
CKP Leisure 28-08-2018Others
IL&FS Investment Man 28-08-2018Quarterly Results
Intec Capital 28-08-2018A.G.M.
JR Foods Ltd 28-08-2018A.G.M.
Khaitan (India) 28-08-2018A.G.M.
Kreon Financial Serv 28-08-2018Others
Madhya Pradesh Today 28-08-2018Others
Millitoons Entertain 28-08-2018Consolidation of Shares & A.G.M.
Proseed India 28-08-2018Other business matters
Pushpanjali Realms 28-08-2018Other business matters
Ram Minerals & Chemi 28-08-2018A.G.M. & Others
Sabrimala Industries 28-08-2018A.G.M.
Samtex Fashions 28-08-2018Quarterly Results
Spacenet Enterprises 28-08-2018Others
Stampede Capital 28-08-2018Other business matters
Tulsi Extrusions Ltd 28-08-2018Quarterly Results
Ushanti Colour Chem 28-08-2018Other business matters
Advance Syntex 27-08-2018A.G.M.
AKM Lace and Embrote 27-08-2018A.G.M.
Classic Global Fin 27-08-2018Others
Confidence Finance 27-08-2018A.G.M.
Dr. Habeebullah Life 27-08-2018A.G.M. & ESOP
Easun Reyrolle L 27-08-2018Audited Results
Elango Industrie 27-08-2018A.G.M.
Jet Airways 27-08-2018Quarterly Results
Karuturi Global Ltd. 27-08-2018Issue Of Warrants
MFS Intercorp 27-08-2018Stock Split
Prism Johnson 27-08-2018Fund Raising
Rites Ltd. 27-08-2018Quarterly Results
Rithwik Facility Man 27-08-2018A.G.M. & Others
Ruby Mills 27-08-2018To consider raising of funds
Shree Pushkar Chemic 27-08-2018Preferential Issue of shares & A.G.M.
Solis Marketing 27-08-2018Others
Sundaram Finance Hol 27-08-2018Quarterly Results
Trans Financial 27-08-2018Preferential Issue of shares
VBC Ferro Allo 27-08-2018Tco consider issue Of Warrants
Ace Integrated Solut 25-08-2018Other business matters
Aditya Consumer Mark 25-08-2018A.G.M. & Others
Aditya Vision 25-08-2018A.G.M.
Banka Bioloo 25-08-2018Other business matters
Bright Solar 25-08-2018Audited Results & Dividend
Encash Entertainment 25-08-2018A.G.M.
Filatex India 25-08-2018To consider raising of funds
Genesis IBRC India L 25-08-2018A.G.M.
Indergiri Financ 25-08-2018Quarterly Results
Innovators Facade Sy 25-08-2018Audited Results
Mangalam Organics 25-08-2018Final Dividend
Nandani Creation 25-08-2018Other business matters
Nitin Fire Protectio 25-08-2018Unaudited Financial Results & A.G.M.
Nitiraj Engineers 25-08-2018Others
NMS Resources Global 25-08-2018Amalgamation
Rajvir Industries Lt 25-08-2018Other business matters
South India Projects 25-08-2018Bonus issue & A.G.M.
Texmo Pipes & Produc 25-08-2018Other business matters
Zenith Fibres 25-08-2018Quarterly Results
Zenlabs Ethica 25-08-2018Bonus issue
Capital First 24-08-2018Others
Cupid Ltd. 24-08-2018Bonus issue & A.G.M.
Dhanvarsha Finvest 24-08-2018Preferential Issue of shares & A.G.M.
FCS Software Sol.Ltd 24-08-2018A.G.M.
Hilton Metal Forging 24-08-2018Other business matters
JMC Projects 24-08-2018Fund Raising & Others
Krishana Phoschem 24-08-2018Other business matters
LIC Housing Fi 24-08-2018Quarterly Results
M K Exim (India) L 24-08-2018A.G.M.
Madhya Bharat Agro 24-08-2018Other business matters
Mas Financial Servic 24-08-2018Quarterly Results
National Steel and A 24-08-2018Audited Results
Oriental Trimex 24-08-2018A.G.M. & Others
Shree Vasu Logistics 24-08-2018Other business matters
Sundaram Finance 24-08-2018Quarterly Results
Tanla Solutions 24-08-2018Others
Tanvi Foods (India) 24-08-2018A.G.M.
Vama Industries Ltd. 24-08-2018A.G.M.
Vasa Retail & Overse 24-08-2018Dividend and Others
Britannia Ind. 23-08-2018Stock Split
Continental Seeds 23-08-2018Other business matters
Euro India Fresh 23-08-2018Others
Filtra Consultants & 23-08-2018Bonus issue & Interim Dividend
Funny Software Ltd. 23-08-2018A.G.M.
G S Auto Interna 23-08-2018Audited Results
Gillette India Ltd. 23-08-2018Audited Results & Final Dividend
Karda Constructions 23-08-2018Other business matters
Kennametal India 23-08-2018Audited Results
L&T 23-08-2018Buy Back of shares
Lakhotia Polyesters 23-08-2018Quarterly Results
Lancer Container Lin 23-08-2018A.G.M.
Narmada Agrobase 23-08-2018Other business matters
Shivalik Bimetal 23-08-2018A.G.M.
Shree Ganesh Forging 23-08-2018Quarterly Results
Sri Krishna Metcom 23-08-2018Other business matters
Tata Investment 23-08-2018Quarterly Results
Vera Synthetic 23-08-2018Audited Results
Combat Drugs Lim 22-08-2018A.G.M.
Fairdeal Filamen 22-08-2018Scheme of Arrangement
First Financial 22-08-2018Revised Audited Results
Five Core Electronic 22-08-2018Others
Jain Studios Ltd 22-08-2018Quarterly Results
P&G Hygiene&Health 22-08-2018Audited Results & Final Dividend
Prataap Snacks 22-08-2018Other business matters

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